I Feed You, You Must Feed Me Too!

Another ‘in the bus’ story.

Was coming home from work in a sardined bus this afternoon…and this Chinese lady being typical Chinese was telling her 20+ year old son…

Lady: We spend so much for you, when you grow up…you must take care of dad and I you know? Don’t be like your brother…
Son: …

*translated from Cantonese*

And she kept nagging on and on.

Eh. Come on lah lady.

You and your significant other chooses to have a child unless it was an accident but your poor child DID NOT choose to have you.

Bringing a child up is your own responsibility and your own decision.

Whether or not your child(ren) treats you back the way you treated them is of course, respect…but certainly NOT a duty.

If you want your child to care for you in the future, all you have to do is make sure of their upbringing and GAIN the respect from them. Afterall, you are what moulds your child.

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3 thoughts on “I Feed You, You Must Feed Me Too!

  1. No offence there, but don’t you think that we are only here because of our parents? Unless the mother in question has not done anything to the child, in terms of raising, clothing, feeding the child, she has every right to say that the son has a duty to his parents. I think it’s only a filial thing to do. Imagine your kid that you’ve raised with your blood and sweat only to grow up one day and say that it’s not his duty, but just his idea of “respect”. Is there a possibility of distortion in terms of respect, I leave it to your better judgment. That being said, I think it is not clear-cut that the child has no duty to his parents and more information regarding their relationship considered. 🙂 Cheers!

  2. Dear reader,

    Perhaps i didn’t mean it in such a way as to gain ‘respect’ and respect alone. But it isn’t right for a parent(s) to force a child to feed them in the future. And they should have it in a way that they don’t have to rely on their kids next time. For companionship and not being abandoned, and everything else abstract yes. But not necessarily for cash.

    That being said, a kid loves their parents because their parents love the kid. Thus, earns the respect of the kid. But if the parents don’t treat the kid right and he doesn’t ‘respect’ them, why would he care when he’s all grown up now? Ethically it’s all part and parcel of life but i still don’t feel its right to actually tell your 20 year old son that he has to feed you. And by that to keep on nagging about it.

    I get your point though and i believe they are just as valid but these are just my 2 cents! (=

  3. Point taken. If the child is being nagged the possibilities are either the mother has done a bad job, or the child is just scum. It’s all kind of inter-related. When you said if it’s not for cash, my thoughts are even if it was really for cash, a good parent would keep it FOR the child and not spend it theirselves. Something like keep the money for the child though not with the knowledge of the child and perhaps give it all back when the child gets married or something like that. That’s what I think ideally would be the way. 🙂 Cheers!

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