Gigi Biru

My first problem after reformatting my laptop to Windows Vista!

As stupid as it sounds…I can’t seem to turn on my bluetooth. :mrgreen:

Previously, when i press the button, there will be an icon on the taskbar and i can either turn both wifi and bluetooth on/off or choose either.

Now it’s gone!!


Installing the drivers don’t work either…it says i’ve got all the right drivers.

How now?

No bluetooth = no pictures = no blog.


4 thoughts on “Gigi Biru

  1. Oh dear..
    Did u have all the cds that came with the laptop originally? I am sure the blue tooth magic button (one press and it works) requires special software/programme designed specifically for ur laptop to work properly. When u reformatted ur computer, everything was wiped clean, including that piece of laptop utility software. You will undoubtedly need to reinstall it, unless you have an automatic ghost/recovery CD AFTER u reinstalled ur vista.

  2. lolll. i thought so too. tried it already but it just won’t work )= waiting for the hp support ppl to reply my mail. see if they can actually help lol.

    bodoh sia.

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