We’ll Miss You

Six years ago, my parents decided to bring in a new life into our home. I remembered clearly that fateful day.

There were 2 of them, identical in every possible way. But we could only bring one home. It was a tough decision, but my mum made it. And she sure did make the right one.

I carried the bundle of joy all the way home. She was wrapped in a towel and she very silently lay on my lap as we made the journey home. Not a single movement. Not a single sound. She was only 2 months old.

For the next few days, we all threw ourselves with abandon into her. We showered her with love and she brought joy into our family. It wasn’t puppy love – it was true love.

She grew immensely fast. She gobbled down anything we gave her. Dad fed her with milk, rice and meat and anything nutritious we could find. I found myself scrambling eggs for her every now and then. But a week after we brought her home, she was still pretty much nameless. I printed lists of names from the Internet and my mum finally chose one.

As quiet as she was when we first brought her home, she was quite the opposite when she grew up. When I ride the scooter/bike around the house, she would run after me and nearly always aimed for my feet. It was like ‘play catch’ for her. She accompanied my parents almost everyday for 6 faithful years while they did gardening.

Oh, she absolutely loves water. She plunges her whole face into the bowl of water everytime and she would gorge herself silly at a water hose. When we wash the car, she would just come and lie where the water would be. We often thought she would go sick from the soapy dirty water.

When you put your hands into a pail of water and yell for help as if you were drowning, she would come and pull your hands out.

When she does mischief, the next morning she would try to hide herself from my parents. She would hide her face thinking that she’s soooo small but what she doesn’t know is that she’s about the size of a huge fat wild boar. And sometimes she would just go down on all fours, head on ground and just stare at you with her warm eyes. You’ll melt and forget all about punishing her.

She was a smart one. On occasions, she would bring my mum’s sandals from the back door to the front door. BOTH sides of it and lay it down nicely.

As months went pass…years eventually, she really did become a part of the family. She was so attached that when you walk, she would come bouncing up to you and literally stick onto you. And I believe we spoilt her a little too much, she grew sooo huge that when she comes up to you, all you’d see is a bouncing ball.

When she was still a ‘small ball’, I’d bring her in my room in a little baby basket. I’d study and she’d sleep. But we always had each other’s company.

A few weeks ago we found out that she’s suffering from some leg problems disabling her to walk properly and thus lose her appettite.

But because the doctors back home are hopeless and useless, they resorted in euthanasia.

And at 3.30pm today, she left for doggy heaven.

She’s been the closest dog I’ve ever been with compared to all the others – I was either too young or been away.

We’ll miss you.


7 thoughts on “We’ll Miss You

  1. aiks, this suddenly caught my eye.

    I wholely agree that vets back home are horribly inadequate and not fitting of their priviledge of existance (in aspect of their job only).

    When my dear Rooster (I know, WTF?!) was terribly ill, the vet merely said, “Ho, a rooster! I only treat cats and dogs, kthxbai.”

    So we gave it some western medicine and it lived for 3 more years before it died of old age.


  2. i know…its pathetic isnt it? haha makes me feel like becoming a vet..and making a difference…IF i can lol.

    rooster? hahahaha thats so awesomee. did it wake u up every morning? tsk tsk.

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