Free Hugs Day

I’m sure most of you have heard of the ‘Free Hugs Campaign’. Check out the video if you haven’t. 

It was an idea by a guy called Juan Mann.

Pretty cool if you ask me.

The idea spreaded to all over the world including countries like Portugal and Korea.

Well, Perthians…now it’s our turn!

Free Hug Day – Perth
Start time: Monday, 10th September 2007 at 12.00am
End time: Tuesday, 11th September 2007 at 12.00am
Location: Everywhere

Reason for the date?

September 10th is the day before 9/11. Of all the tragedies that have befallen this world (not just terrorist attacks) it is to remind us that there is some love left in this world. People wnt to be reminded that the world has a great amount of good left in it, and that it should never be forgotten.

p/s Make sure you do not impose hugs on someone as if harassing them. And if someone hugs you, don’t slap them!



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