Of Dolphins & Sizzler Part 2

Because I can’t get my bluetooth to work yet, I’ve been digging for old photos to put up.

Remember Part 1?

I posted that about…2 months ago. Never really got to Part 2!

Anyways, Sizzler is well-known for their buffets and ala carte steaks. Yup…buffets…BUT its actually a salad bar buffet. Tee hee hee.

They have a few outlets in Perth itself as well as in NSW and Queensland. We went to the one at Innaloo.

I was pretty skeptical when John first told me it’s a salad bar. Hey…paying to eat leaves don’t sound so appetising okay? When i asked him…”Salad bar? Only? All salad?” His reply was “Yeah…”

I was partly relieved when they served us a plate of complimentary cheese toast upon seating šŸ˜€


So if you’re wondering what a salad buffet have got to offer…

Different salad mixes plus condiments

More condiments

My first plate

Well, it wasn’t half as bad as I pictured it to be. Range of food was quite extensive.

All kinds of leaves from spinach to rocket to lettuces

All kinds of condiments from peas to carrots to sundried tomatoes(yumm-o)

All kinds of cheese from cottage to cheddar to parmesan

All kinds of dressings from mayo to thousand island to french to italian

There were pleasant additions of fried potato balls, spaghetti, and nachos.

I was particularly impressed with the dessert selection I must say. The tiramisu, although a little soggy, was to die for!

Our plates

We kept refraining the waitress from clearing our plates just because I wanted to snap that after photo Hehe!

Besides the salad bar buffet, they also have the breakfast buffet and ala carte menu during lunch and dinner. Or you can have an ala carte meal plus the salad bar buffet for an additional AUD4.95.

Total damage was AUD14.50 per person (there’s extra charges on weekends or dinner) and an additional AUD2.50 for all-you-like-drinks special.

As far as price is concerned, it’s pretty reasonable. It’s about the equivalent to ONE dish in Chinese restaurants. Like say if you order fish or duck or something.

As much as i truly enjoyed myself, I won’t be hurrying back anytime soon. The food gets a little…boring. Might return for the ala carte though :mrgreen:


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