My Aquarium

Facebook bug!

Lately my friends have had the fun of killing all the fishes in my poor aquarium.

There was a floating starfish.

And a swordfish.

Then Erich started by putting a crab on swordy.

Then Kelvin bought this HUGEEEEE octopus and killed all of it.

Then my sister had to put Mr Sharky on top of all that.

I could have swore there was an eel there which my sister bought me. But i think she killed it too.

I quote her “sharky warky gaumm gaumm! eat octo, craby and swordy! muahahaha!!”


By the way, don’t you think that the fishes are very retarded looking?

Lots of my fishes looks as if they’re kissing each other as well.

Yeah, thanks guys. Haha!


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