Ramadan Bazaar

It’s the Ramadhan month again where the Muslims fast during the day with the purpose to cleanse the inner soul and focus on charity deeds.

But in Malaysia, being so multi-racial, it’s celebrated by all races…especially breaking of the fast 😀

When I was in KL last year, Hamtaroo and I went crazy over those bazaars. Very different from the ones in Kuching (Sunday Market for example), it’s cleaner, bigger and have got just about everything.

I’ll share with you the pictures from last year.

We tried the Ikea eat-all-you-can buffet. From memory it was less than RM20 per person and surprisingly, it was quite decent. They do change their food items daily for a bit of variety and their desserts are awesome. So if you’re in KL, you might wanna check it out this year (if it’s still the same).

Kuih Bakul

We initially thought this was the Thai dessert with chestnuts and coconut milk on top. But it turned out to be something really different. The Malay’s take on it. All I can remember is that it’s really really sweet.

And the following taken from a few Ramadan Bazaars.

Kuih Jala

A traditional Malay cake, crispy and sweetish. Very aromatic and addictive.

Nasi Beriyani/Beriyani Rice

It’s actually Basmati rice cooked in lots of herbs, spices and yoghurt. Can be eaten alone but usually served with vegetables(pickles) and meat of your choice. Good beriyani must be fluffy, not too dry and most importantly flavourful.

Ikan Bakar

Grilled fish marinated and stuffed with spices. Grilled with pandan or sometimes banana leaf to give that extra kick and charcoal flavour.


Self explanatory. Food on a stick (=

Varieties of Kuih

Cakes ranging from the sweet to the savoury of all sizes and shapes. My personal favourite is the yellow one. It’s salty with minced meat and chilli on top. Yums.


Cordials and syrups are most common as they’re sweet and gives them the energy when fasting for the whole day. You can basically find drinks of any colour there.


And again, colourful!

Buah kurma/Fresh dates

Most of you have seen dried dates…these are the fresh ones. Personally, it’s a bit too sweet for my liking but unless you have a sweet tooth, you’ll find them quite nice to nibble one.

I usually attack the salty and savoury items and not the sweet ones..and ermm the ones which are not so colourful 😀

Yup, there’s something for everyone..

I miss going to those bazaars to look see and be adventurous 😀

Till then, Selamat Berpuasa to all Muslims out there!


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