Updates On Everything

The Ramadan Bazaar post seem to have gotten quite a bit of response. People from Malaysia trying to seduce me with their rendang, curry, satays and such and people overseas blaming me for their cravings.

Anyways, I’ll be swamped with things from next week onwards.

I’ve got my finals next week, and the thing about doing media and communications is that you don’t really have a final exam for each unit. Therefore leaving only 2 exams…Mass Communications and Commercial Law. :mrgreen:

And that marks the end of the trimester, having completed 6 out of 8 units for the year. Screen & Sound and Management up next!

Ending my exams on the 25th of September, I’ll have to attend a conference at the Burswood Convention Centre on the 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th. At the same time, a viola masterclass on the 28th, 29th and 30th. AND not forgetting…work.

WOOHOOOO. I’ll be dead by the end of it.

More on the conference. It’s the 14th Deafblind International (Dbi) World Conference. Will be scurrying around helping out and having fun at the same time (I hope!).

Digressing, it’s been raining these few days keeping me home tucked away in my warm warm room. Been doing a bit of funny little things in the kitchen as well.

Did a spur of the moment baking, whipping up some ‘double chocolate chips surprise’ muffins. What’s the surprise? Peanut butter filling inside it 😀 Turned out well if i must say so myself. 😀 That’ll be our breakfast/snack/supper for the next few days to come.

Two days ago when i slept through dinner *ahem* it was a very quick meal of Jamie Oliver inspired salad. Butter lettuce + strawberries + pan fried haloumi(cheese). Dressed in a self made dressing of extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar and salt.

Then yesterday it was tray baked/roasted chicken, potatoes and tomatoes(flavoured with oregano, of course). Served with a side of watercress salad and a good glug of olive oil. Happy days!

And today, the rain made me crave for some Chinese soup. So with the leftover watercress, I did a chicken + watercress + wolfberries/goji berries + mushrooms + dried scallop soup.

Pictures up soon, I promise. When i fix my bluetooth. Soon.

Aight, my soup is done. My lunch is calling me.



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