Mid Autumn Festival

I was never a big mooncake fan myself, but I will never say no to the yolk in it :mrgreen:

Mooncakes in Perth costs quite a bit, and after a little bit of dilemma, i decided against buying one. Besides, the most my household can consume is maybe a few slices? So the whole day today i was craving for mooncakes. AND chicken biscuits (kai chai peng). The saying absence makes the heart grow fonder is quite true.

Every year in Kuching we never fail to have mooncakes at home, or my grandma’s place or wherever else and I can never be bothered to eat. But this year i was so so so craving for it. Especially green tea mooncake with yolk! Yah, some of you might think i’m weird.

Just as i thought this would be a mooncakeless year for me, my housemate came back and offered me some.


Lotus paste with double yolk

Snowskin, mango flavoured


I cant seem to swallow snow skin mooncakes…it’s just so…..yerr…can’t explain.

Anyways, Happy Mooncaking! Don’t forget to wash down all that sweetness with tea, or so they say…



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