Turning 19

When we were in Primary school, we looked up to our peers in secondary school wishing we were older.

When we were in Secondary school (teens) we wished we were 18, being able to drive and *ahem* drink and all that.

When we turned 18, we wished we were 21…the age to be.

But when we’re in the 20s i don’t think any of us wants to hit the big three-oh so quickly.

But yay, last teen year for me. Old but not sooo old yet. Lol!

Thank you all for making my 19th so memorable 😀

The concerts and gifts, the SMSes, calls, and wishes from Facebook, Friendster and all…down to the huge Tiramisu from my housemates(Brandon, Jonathan, Simon and Wui Hua) and friends(Amy, Joni, Kenny and Evelyn). Oh yes, and having to bite the buried candle from the cake 😀

Thank you!


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