Living the Aussie Way

Coming from my part of the world, its not everyday you get to indulge in a balanced meal what more to say a properly planned and executed 3 course meal. But I suppose it’s different for the Aussies.

Appetizer, entree and dessert. And oh, how can you forget the wine?

P had recently invited a few of the usual suspects from work over to her place. Its a pity i didn’t get any pictures to share but it seemed rude to be snapping pictures at someone’s home too.

It was a beautiful afternoon accompanied by laughter, complaining about office(work and the people) and good food.

This was what the menu for that afternoon looked like:-

Roasted beets with balsamic vinegar
Marinated wild barossa olives
Marinated mushrooms
Cheese platter
Warm duck confit, walnuts and pecan salad
Lamb shank with pine nuts and mash
Pit roast lamb of leg
Apple crumble with whipped cream & homemade ice cream
Chocolate tarts

Yes, they loved their lamb and its no wonder we had such lamby entrees. It all tasted as good as it sounds 😀

And we had the Botrytis Semillon to go with the cheese platter. The wine with a rich marmalade aroma, close to that of an apricot or fig…the fruityness of the wine paired the creamy sharpness of the cheese well.

All that with a pit roast at the backyard….all that charred bits of lamb. Divine.

What humours me most is how a 19 year old Asian can actually fit into a group of mostly married Aussies. And so I was told it would be impossible.



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