Perth Royal Show 2007

Yerrr…this is so outdated!

About half a month ago, John and I went to the Perth Royal Show. Think funfair, food festival, competitions, animal shows and all that. Was quite an experience for me as it was my first time but John says its the same as last year 😀 It’s an annual thing by the way.

Rides in motion

I took some pictures with my phone but it didn’t come out too well…I took pictures using John’s camera as well but alas, he can’t find his cable. -_-”

Free fall!

It was a cold cold evening and when we got there, we walked around for like half hour trying to decide on what rides to go on and gathering guts too. Yup, we’re two chickens. Lol!

The first ride we went on was erm….I forgot the name but it’s this octopus like thing and you’re the tentacles and it just bounces like no tomorrow. OMG i tell you. Didn’t look scary….but gosh….that thing jumps like mad! Imagine yourself as a ping pong ball and someone bouncing you up and down…

The second one was called Gravitron. This was awesome. It’s just a round starship thing, which spins in one direction. Doesn’t look fast though. But you actually stick onto the walls of the thing and you can’t move. Just like space. Awesome! Haha! If you smile, your smile will get plastered onto your face and it’s really hard to even tilt you head.

The third and last one was the err…Water splashing thing. A mini roller coaster with water. And boy did we get soaked!! Plus it was freezing…but it was all fun 😀

As usual we got food after(not wise to eat before crazy rides) and I tried my luck on those eat-your-money games. Got some mini toys and stuff.

Got showbags as well to share around…

Prizes and showbags

Contents of showbags :mrgreen:

And we stayed for the fireworks display which was awesome! To be honest i thought it was quite grand and mesmerizing. A huge stadium with everyone around it. Music blasting off the speakers and beautiful fireworks.


We didn’t manage to catch any of the animal/food festival, demonstrations or competitions as we got there a lil late.

There’s always next year! 😀


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