38 Things Unraveled – Edited

If you’ve read the previous post

I’ll have to change the answer for “Did you cry today?” to YES.

I’ve just finished watching Titanic, the movie from a decade ago. It’s still as awesome as i remembered it to be….if not better.

“I’m flying, Jack!”

And i literally cried my eyes out for the last 15 minutes or so. 😦

It will be another few decades before someone remakes it. But it would be hard to do one as good as this. Even today, the effects and all are brilliant. I’m reminded again why I once admired Leonardo di Caprio.

You jump, i jump. *sobs*

Finish crying already? Now you have to watch this. I laughed till i cried again.


2 thoughts on “38 Things Unraveled – Edited

  1. heh, titanic… wow… i wish i had all that time to watch movies… trying to finish off my last philosophy assignment and finish off the required study for my remaining exams… EEEEEK!

    and yeah, i don’t need a comb, but i need a good haircut… getting one this monday though =) yay!

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