I Hate Spring!

Whoever said spring is the best of the 4 seasons, is totally insane.

I hate spring!

I geared myself for winter with lip balms, moisturising lotion (2 different kinds), 24 hour moisturising cream and all sorts but I never used them. Ironically, my lips are starting to crack AFTER winter is over. The housemate is having the same problem too. Spring is worse than winter i tell you.

And when you take a stroll in the city, you see everyone flinching and waving their arms around frantically trying to get the flies off your mouth, nose and eyes – yes, they attack you for moisture. It’s not funny i tell you. Not funny at all.

So irritating can?

It can be freaking hot one moment and raining cats and dogs another. Hell, there’s a hailstorm as i’m typing this.

Spring = summer and winter in one day.

Despite the blooming flowers everywhere, I still hate spring.

I can’t even begin to imagine what summer would be like.

I wanna go home 😦


11 thoughts on “I Hate Spring!

  1. OMG. I hate those flies!!!!!! How is summer in perth? OMG summer in qld is so hot you could die. I’m so glad i’m going home for the summer. people always say malaysia is hot but it’s nothing compared to qld summer.

  2. ray: yerrr

    leandra: oh hii! haha. summer in perth is horrible as well…especially when it hits the big 40 degrees. *faints* i’ll be here for quite a bit of summer haha…sighs!

  3. heyy same! haha. especially when u’re glad because summer is over…and its cold but not winter-cold. Sadly i missed quite a bit of the fall…i was back home haha.

  4. ah well, you’ll get it the next time round… suprisingly, I quite like the summer myself… I only don’t like the spring mostly. Far too random weather over in Auckland

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