Daylight Savings, You Like?

All states in Australia has got very different time zones. Some move their clocks forward earlier and some eventually has to wait an extra week before putting their clocks back again.

But for WA it started at 2am this morning.

Everyone’s saying that they’re missing an hour of everything.

1 hour less to study.

1 hour less to sleep.

1 hour less to get wasted.

1 hour less to do nothing.

Personally, I’ve got nothing against it but i would very much prefer to do without it. I’m more of the night person hence i don’t need more sunlight. 🙂

It’s 8pm now but it feels like 7pm (d’oh!)

But but but!!! The sun will rise an hour later tomorrow :mrgreen:

So it’ll be 3am 30 March 2008 before we put our clocks back again. But sooner for those going home!

Meanwhile, dinner at 8.30pm yay.

8 thoughts on “Daylight Savings, You Like?

  1. Yes, they had a poll on whether on not to join the DS banwagon but 90% qld said no, i guess we’re all lazy bastards. lol.

  2. Exactly, its sooooo annoying! I’m sorta adjusted mind-wise, but my body’s still feeling messed up, it wants to sleep. Almost did that in exams today…

    What’s worse is the fact that I’m losing track of the days… I can’t actually remember what day it is anymore… Sorta the point where the weekends and weekdays blur together

  3. leandra: our poll will be AFTER the 3 yrs trial :X hahaha. sadly..

    gabe: i knoe! i kinda miss the school days back thn when we always have the weekends to look forward to…right now for me the weekends doesnt feel like weekends becuz the weekdays sometimes dont feel like weekdays.
    urgh…i dont know what im talking about haha

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