Pom Pom Season

One of my favorite fruits are in season right now!


Not many people have seen this interesting fruit before…let alone tried it.

It’s sweet and sourish, with a little seed in each aril. These seeds can be eaten although many people choose not to. All you have to do it score the fruit open, and pick at those ruby red arils. Yummo.

Sprinkle it over salads ala Jamie O, use them in curries or just eat them alone. Woot.

Imagine eating rubies

It can be a messy affair if you don’t know how to peel and de-seed them fruits, and they stain clothes and tabletops 😛

Give it a try…in a bowl of water first (=


Tiger Tiger’s Breakky

Nothing beats a good cup of coffee…anytime of the day. And when you pair that up with fresh eggs…yummo.

Word has it that Tiger Tiger Coffee Bar has one of the best coffees and breakfast in Perth. Claire makes her coffees with love, and it gets better each day.

Hidden Tiger

Tucked away in the city, it’s in a little archway off Murray Street. It’s not too hard to find if you keep a lookout for it…it’s opposite Hotel Ibis.

Jay and I hunted the place down one morning after a blood test. It was one good find 😀

They make use of the alley…its a really comfy place. You get a sense of privacy yet people flock in and out every second.

My Cap

Between the both of us, we had 4 cups of coffee. 2 flat whites, a cappuccino and a short black (espresso). Tiger Tiger uses Fiori coffee beans…and they sure do know how to pull a good cuppa. The coffee was fragrant – you only get that with fresh beans, and the sweetness of the milk wasn’t too overpowering. They’ve got lumps of coarse sugar on every table as well so that makes a difference too.

Tiger Tiger also has an All Day Breakfast thing, and they do have excellent breakfasts!

I had this:-

Tiger’s Baked Egg with toast (AUD 8.50)

An egg sitting on top off a rich and vibrant piquant sauce with slices of chorizos. All baked to perfection. Mmm. The sourdough was toasted and slabbed with butter. Chewy and delicious. Jay ordered another serve of toast to mop up my sauce. Hehe.

Jay had the poached, free range eggs with smoked salmon, also with toast (AUD10). But he digged in before i could snap a picture. 😦

I’ll be there tomorrow 😉 Might try the hot cakes with apple and rhubarb compote or maybe stick to eggs.



p/s Robin, coffee here?

A Day Long Excursion

Assignments over, exams aside, it’s time to unwind.

I had a day off from work last Wednesday and since John was going back home (hes already back in Laksa-land), we planned a whole day out to shop and to wu liao stuff.

Sadly, i didn’t bring my other phone out to take clearer pics 😦

Started the day bright and early, he went to the doctors while i went to get my tickets sorted out in the city. Then we met at Freo at a little pass 10am.

To the Chocolate Factory we went!

The smell of chocs was SO overwhelming. I never knew i would be nauseated from the smell of chocolates.

Chocolate swan

I’m so proud to say that i went to a chocolate factory and didn’t buy chocs. Instead, i got some old fashioned sweets. Bullseyes!

Nevertheless, they do make really good chocolates…handmade chocs FTW.

Oh, but I did buy a piece of chilli truffle. It was so good. For AUD1.20 a piece, it was seriously divine 😀

Then we popped by the WA Maritime Museum to kill time while waiting for the bus.

Off to Sizzlers for a late lunch. Best part of it…it was FREE. 😀 I doubt i would have gone if i had to pay but we had the vouchers for the salad bar so it was all good.

Headed back to the city from Riverton and at this point of time it was already 4-ish.

Lacking sleep and burned out by the weather, we decided to watch Saw IV which was a bad idea.

I slept through most parts -_-”

But it was good because i stepped out of the cinema feeling so refreshed and ready to take on the evening! Plus the sun was already going down hehe.

So from the city, we went to Fremantle.


It didn’t seem so crazy then, but to think of it now we could have better executed our day to save us so much time travelling around Perth.

Our plan was to go to Little Creatures to satisfy his cravings of ales and mine of steaks but we had a feeling it would be packed. So was Benny’s and Pizza Bello Roma.

So in the end we headed to Little Caesar’s.

It was BAD.

To call the food horrible would be an understatement.

Between us we shared a Fillet steak, beef filled gnocchi with cheese sauce and a 200ml bottle of Omni Rose Sparkling.

The steak came out smelling…weird. Sourish and…i don’t know. It was just horrible.

John’s gnocchi wasn’t a lot better either. But the sauce wasn’t too bad. 😛

And for an Italian place right smacked at Fremantle’s Cappuccino strip, there were people singing Filipino Karaoke in the restaurant. WTF.

An unfortunate ending to otherwise a very good day.

Had some take away pizza from Pizza Bella Roma afterwards.

The Works: Tomato/cheese base, ham, capsicum, tomato, mushroom, olives, bacon, hot salami, pineapple, smoked mussels, shrimps, anchovies.

Woodfired pizza FTW. Beats Dominoes or Pizza Hut anytime. 😀

And in a totally unrelated post, just because it doesnt wanna appear in a separate entry,

Roasted Suckling Pig (AUD23 per kg)

Roasted Duck (AUD20 per bird)

The office had a little get together Barbie(Q) a week or so ago. The grilling aside, we all brought something else for a little variety. I was gonna bring some of the Chez Jean Claude tartlets but someone mentioned cravings for roasted meat instead. Those were from Hung Kee BBQ, Northbridge.



Can’t wait for Christmas.

Oh the joy.

Sugar Plus Caffeine = Work Done

Most of my peers (myself included) work best during the wee hours of the morning – anytime between 1am to 6am. As some of you would know, i’ve got assignments due soon and my 2000 word essay is due later today.

Likewise, we all work best under stress. Meaning last minute work 😀 For the past 3 days, i’ve been coming home from work, taking a nap, and getting someone to make sure i wake up at 3am to do my essay.

Unfortunately, nobody in the house now wakes up to alarm clock. At least not all the time. So i’m usually the alarm clock :X But sometimes if i’m really tired, i sleep through it as well. Hehe..

It’s really amusing to think of it because while Jon is in the same boat as i am, Brandon needs to wake up to study for his exams too.

So it’s like…Hamtaroo waking me up, then me waking Jon and Brandon up. Then after everyone is awake, it’ll be my turn to sleep and i’ll get Brandon to wake me up later. It’s a cycle. If one doesn’t happen, we’ll all die.

Then there’s always the “give me 5 more minutes…” or “i’m awake i’m awake *zzzzzz*”


Unfortunately SOMEBODY *ahem hamtaroo ahem* forgot to wake me up earlier this morning but thank goodness i managed to get up.

I got up, ate a few mouthfuls of choc cake, drank coke and i’m SO HYPER now.

I’m high. :X

But i finished my essay!!

Seriously, i’m so hyper i don’t know where i’m going with this entry.

I was so high that I was cuckoo when chatting.

My sis and i were deciding over who gets McDreamy or McSteamy. Doctor S and S for Sister S and S.


What Goes Around Comes Around

About a month ago when i ran out of coins and the bus driver didn’t provide change, a good samaritan gave me spare change to get a bus ticket.

Today, a guy didn’t have money so i offered to give him some spare change. AUD1.40 to be exact.

After i got off the bus, i spotted a 5 dollar note on the way home.

What goes around, comes around 🙂

p/s It’s 3.30am and i’m in the uni library trying to do my assignment. But fail big time la.

p/p/s Summers gone for today, but winter visited tonight. Once again, i hate spring!!

Summer Says Hello

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. 40 degrees today.


I can’t believe i’m saying this…but i’m actually looking forward to go to work. Hanging out at the bar with air-con…and cold drinks. Looks like i’ll be going to work earlier for the next few months to come. Hehe.

My workplace pays for my laundry for work clothes…AUD3.60 per week…with this weather i don’t think it’ll be enough to cover it :X

I can’t concentrate on work too because my brain is like grilling to perfection in my head. I’m actually heading off to the library in half an hour…that’s 12am :X

Oh, and i love the flies. They stick on you keeping you company no matter how hard you wave them off. Woot.

I’ve stocked the fridge with lotsa cold drinks…water, lemonade, Red Bull(not for myself though) and gonna go shopping for lotsa ice cream tomorrow.

At night, i toss and turn because its too hot to sleep. What more say day time? For the past few days i’ve only had 5 hours of sleep.

I’m seriously going to die.

Someone kill me already.