Luck, Fate Or Coincidence?

If you work at the CBD(Central Business District if you don’t already know, or city in other words), you will note that lotsa women look very mismatched after office hours.

We all dress to kill during office hours – formal attire and a coat and heels. Dangerously high heels…enough to drive the heels down your chest and kill you. But after a loooooong day at work, many of them would often change to shoes, runners or flip flops.

Dear men, try wearing heels for hours and you’ll know why. :mrgreen:

But i’m not one of them. Although my feet kills me at the end of the day, i would rather endure another hour of pain rather than lug a pair of shoes with me to work.

  1. Additional weight = no no
  2. I’d most probably forget to bring it with me to work.
  3. It’s weird to wear shoes/slippers with formal attire.

Okay, i shall digress a little and talk about my pair of heels.

Although i’ve got a few more pairs, i always ALWAYS wear the same one to work. It’s black and looks formal enough and it fits anything and everything i’m wearing. I bought it a few months back and i’ve been wanting to get another pair.

I never did though because i didn’t have a reason to. Didn’t want to waste money for another pair but then again who doesn’t want another pair of shoes? 😀

So yesterday, for some strange reason, i brought a pair of flip flops to work. Odd really, but that morning i just grabbed it on the way out of the house.

Towards mid-day when Kayla and I went out for lunch, my heels got caught in a hole thingy thing on the road!!! And it broke 😦 It wasn’t a port hole… it’s tiny, the perfect size for the heels to get caught in.

But yup, because i brought my flip flops with me to work i had something to wear for the rest of the day.

And best of all, i’ve got a reason to go shop for new heels!


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