Jobs – Finding The Right One

I’ve always been the one to stick to an old habit. Like when you go to a food stall, after trying a few and you find one you like, you’ll order the same boring thing even if you go there a 100 times.

I guess its the same for me when it comes to working. Not contented? Change. 😀

I think i’ve finally found the job and i’ve came a long way to finding it as well.

Here are my $0.02

Fast Food Chains
It all seems exciting when you first start. I mean, you get to learn all the ins and outs of your favorite fast food outlet. For me it was how to *ahem* imitate Hungry Jacks and also the tricks to Nando’s succulent Peri Peri chicken. Good to last a few months, but certainly not a long time commitment job. You go home everyday smelling like chicken/patties/oil and you naturally get sick of it. Which might be a good thing because less fast food = healthier! Also, you gotta be sharp and on the dot because you get lotsa fussy customers. The pay isn’t much, here in Perth averaging about AUD13 per hour.

I helped out at a bookstore for a week a few months back. This is the most HORRIBLE job of all. Stacking books, tagging them, it’s all very mundane. Very low pay – about AUD11 per hour. You just don’t get lotsa customers and while you might think its a good thing (for you, not your boss), time passes really slowly.

Marketing Firms
If you’re doing Marketing/Business, what more can i say? It’s what you’d work as when you get out of uni. But I worked just to get a taste of it. Long hours, but great fun. Those in this field are naturally more out going and sporting. You HAVE to be optimistic 24/7 or you won’t go far. The down side – looooooooooong hours plus fluctuation of success. Your income will be OTE(on the earning) and there are lots of external factors to this. The economy, your mood and so on. But if you’re looking to work in a very people-environment, this could be your thing. Firms hold meetings at 7am in the morning to boost your spirits for the day. With loud music, cheering and so on. And Friday evenings booze is a definite must for them. On your good weeks you could be earning about AUD800 per week, otherwise about AUD400 per week.

Media (Newspapers)
Lots of brain power needed!! You can’t afford to be discouraged, not the slightest bit. You’ve gotta constantly be on the look out for fresh new ideas. Your editor might like one piece and hate the other. Then your efforts would go to waste. But its been pretty exciting for me. You get to go to lots of company events and occasionally free tickets to plays/theatre etc. The downside to this is that work can’t be completed within office hours. It’ll take a lot of your own time, especially the hours in which you tend to produce more – which is often past midnite for me.

Hotels (Events)
This for me, is THE one. The job requirement varies everyday because it’s different functions/events every now and then and its a very social thing. You communicate with your customers, the staff and your clients. You get to do a bit of everything, but never alone. There is always someone to lend a helping hand because generally in hotels, jobs aren’t very specifically defined. A porter might be your bartender and so on. You get a chef to cook your meals, free laundry done and all. While it may require long hours on certain occasions, most of the days go by quickly. The pay is good but even if it isn’t, the comps make up for this.

Currently coping with the last two but i don’t know how long i’d be able to keep up with copywriting and writing for newspapers. But definitely will stick to the tourism/hotel industry.

I believe that finding the right job for yourself is really important. One that you like, with minimum politics(if possible) and of course one which enables you to put bread on the table. There is no point in keeping a job if you hesitate to wake up every morning to go for work and simply don’t enjoy it. Afterall, it’s a long time commitment!

That being said, i’ve gotta be at work at 7am today which means catching the 6.03am bus. That’s in….3 hours :X

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