Sunrise At Wireless Hill

Melbourne Cup yesterday made my day a living hell. Enough that i worked for an extra 2.5 hours but the place was so packed of people! And not to mention 2 funtions going on that very same day. My boss went around collecting bets for horses and my colleagues and i put down names with money from the tip jar. Haha! My horse was No 3. Blutigeroo and No 7. Maybe Better. I don’t think it won though. I don’t even know ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Anyways, i came back totally exausted and slept from 3pm – 3am. Insane, no? I got up at 3am and my housemate wasn’t sleeping yet. Enough that i broke my record of sleeping for a straight 12 hours, i wrote history of trying to doing assignment when its not dueย till 2 weeks time. I usually do my work last minute, i produce better work last minute. Hehe.

But yeah, we weren’t so productive then so we decided to go out and watch the sunrise. Therapeutic i tell you. But it was SOOOOOO cold! The last time i watched the sunrise was a few months ago. So Jonathan suggested this place called Wireless Hill at Booragoon. Truth be told, neither of us have been there before. It’s some telecommunications museum and they have observation towers so it’s really quite cool.

It was like a race of time against the sun but yayy we made it just in time!! ๐Ÿ˜€

Cold cold cold, we could barely stand still without shivering let alone take pictures. We were there to enjoy te sunrise, but still, we caught a few pictures…(for the sake of this blog) haha.

A dodgy panoramic attempt with a camera phone

Mr Sun fully up and awake ๐Ÿ˜Ž

It was a pleasant short and adventurous trip. The things people do at ungodly hours :X


4 thoughts on “Sunrise At Wireless Hill

  1. darn….

    one of those mornings i must go up early and catch another sunrise at mat bay…..
    havent done sunrise/sunset photos with my new cam yet. Ok, maybe its not so new now. ahahahaha…

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