In My Life Nothing Is Certain But…

Taxes in Australia is determined by a few factors – PR/non PR, how much you earn and so on. You’ll get a rough idea by using this calculator. So for example, a gross payment of AUD400+ per week, you’ll get taxed AUD110+. Like WTF right? That’s roughly 25%!!!!! I hope i’ll be able to claim back most of it next year. Not forgetting superannuation. That’s 9% off the weekly salary as well. Wtfwtf.

Earlier at work today there was a little farewell drinking session for one of my boss. Okay, not exactly boss but one of the more atas guy. I’ve only known him for like, a week and a half but being the emo that i am…. 😦 The first time i met him my colleague told me “He’s homosexual, you caught up on that?” Lol But he’s really nice and hes made my days at work awesome.

People always leave - One Tree Hill

Bah. I’ve got 2 huge ones due next week. One needs about 8-10 references while the other needs at least 16 for a HD. That’s 26 books i’ll have to graze through. I’ll have to make a mental note to remember to borrow housemates library card since one can only borrow up to 12 books. :X And i just finished a compulsory course with Tafe last night. With the new job, the government insists that everyone does the Responsible Service of Alcohol course. Crammed it all in and finally mailed it this arvo. Hope it’s all good!

Yay thankfuly i didn’t have to add death to the list today.

Have a great weekend guys!


4 thoughts on “In My Life Nothing Is Certain But…

  1. hahaha, your senior colleague sounds funny. but you know what? it is true though, farewells are constant. and life is just a flurry of “Hi’s” and “Bye’s”

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