Denying Corruption

The largest political rally in nearly a decade happens to be in…KL, Malaysia.

I don’t know whether to laugh or to be shocked. -_-”

When i got e-mails and facebook invites to the rally, i knew it was big, but what i didn’t know was THIS BIG.

It was a peaceful rally, why the tear gases?

Sigh. What has the world become?

If you understand Mandarin, this is a good coverage:-

This isn’t the Malaysia i once knew.


2 thoughts on “Denying Corruption

  1. I suppose I’m rather cynical bout it all, but since when was malaysia ever peaceful? Or maybe I’m a skeptical pragmatic defeatist.

    But on the other hand, its a change. And we all know what the winds of change bring. I personally think its a good change, seeing as there’s only two ways it’d turn out: for the better, or for worse. Better than being stagnated and rotten.

  2. Hehe i agree. I support the rally but then…not the way the government has handled it.

    Well Msia is kinda peaceful if we compare ourselves to other countries…but no ones perfect so oh wellllls. Looking fwd to the election 😛

    Long live the king!

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