Summer Says Hello

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. 40 degrees today.


I can’t believe i’m saying this…but i’m actually looking forward to go to work. Hanging out at the bar with air-con…and cold drinks. Looks like i’ll be going to work earlier for the next few months to come. Hehe.

My workplace pays for my laundry for work clothes…AUD3.60 per week…with this weather i don’t think it’ll be enough to cover it :X

I can’t concentrate on work too because my brain is like grilling to perfection in my head. I’m actually heading off to the library in half an hour…that’s 12am :X

Oh, and i love the flies. They stick on you keeping you company no matter how hard you wave them off. Woot.

I’ve stocked the fridge with lotsa cold drinks…water, lemonade, Red Bull(not for myself though) and gonna go shopping for lotsa ice cream tomorrow.

At night, i toss and turn because its too hot to sleep. What more say day time? For the past few days i’ve only had 5 hours of sleep.

I’m seriously going to die.

Someone kill me already.


11 thoughts on “Summer Says Hello

  1. you sound like you hate the summer. tell you what. get a friend and their friends who has a bach out of the city. proceed to enjoy the summer. do it during the christmas/new year’s break. it’ll be awesome, trust me =)

    sigh. I wanna go to a bach this summer too… actually, what I want is a clam bake. and to go to some place with lots of inlets, a lake, nice beaches, so we can go wind sailing, etc etc etc etc etc, and do everything that is fun about summer. too bad we don’t live in the states, or there’d be fireworks in the summer on the 4th july.

  2. LOL hahaha, oh well, at least you spotted the mistake. Trust me, its suprising how many people don’t notice the grammatical and syntax errors they make. Its frustrating. I keep pointing these little things out when they’re writing reports. I should be paid as a spellchecker, I reckon… Eh?

    Sooooo Sandra, considered the joys of summer yet after my little comment? Come on…. CLAM BAKE!!!!

  3. gabe: hahaha i don’t exactly hate summer la…just that it takes a while for me to get used to it. 😛 the flies especially. i still hate spring more!

    lol…yay a new job title for u. THE spellchecker. 😛

    now i want clam bakeeee hmmmm. by the beach till sun sets… wooot!

    leandra: haha!! i wanna go gold coast laaaa. next yr or smth hrmmm. u’ll be in qsld for how long more ah?

    robin: i know! today not too bad tho. 😛

  4. omg! you completely have the same idea as me for a clam bake!!! joy!!! someone who understands the fun of clam bakes!!! and the hugeeeee BONFIRE!!!!

    hehe, my job title you gave me is actually something I already carry. I’m like some sort of spell checker / editor for my mates at college. =D

    I’m going to a BBQ at the beach today, so I hope it doesn’t rain! I know there’s heaps of exclamation marks, but well… I guess I’m excited about the summer.

  5. to see the clams open up and spit their lovely seafoodish juices. so the yum! 😀

    omgg i want a barbie too! lucky u! have fun!!! i’ll be…at work 😦

    ure up early btw…

  6. well, at the time I wrote that, it was almost 10, and I was getting ready to go… just got back. It was fully awesome =D

    spent the whole day there. going out again tonight though, ciao!

  7. I have 1 more semester left then i’ll apply for PR, so i guess i’ll be here for a long time. haha…come visit!! I can bring you cuci mata!! But the best time to visit qld is probably during the sem1 mid-sem break coz the weather will be just perfect. THere’s no point visiting the GC in winter.

  8. gabe: im so jealous laaaa :X but then i got barbie tomoro nite! so yay! HAHA

    leandra: oooh!!! alriteeee. will go sometime next yr. hehe. ben they all will be there too ey. haha. coolios.

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