Sugar Plus Caffeine = Work Done

Most of my peers (myself included) work best during the wee hours of the morning – anytime between 1am to 6am. As some of you would know, i’ve got assignments due soon and my 2000 word essay is due later today.

Likewise, we all work best under stress. Meaning last minute work 😀 For the past 3 days, i’ve been coming home from work, taking a nap, and getting someone to make sure i wake up at 3am to do my essay.

Unfortunately, nobody in the house now wakes up to alarm clock. At least not all the time. So i’m usually the alarm clock :X But sometimes if i’m really tired, i sleep through it as well. Hehe..

It’s really amusing to think of it because while Jon is in the same boat as i am, Brandon needs to wake up to study for his exams too.

So it’s like…Hamtaroo waking me up, then me waking Jon and Brandon up. Then after everyone is awake, it’ll be my turn to sleep and i’ll get Brandon to wake me up later. It’s a cycle. If one doesn’t happen, we’ll all die.

Then there’s always the “give me 5 more minutes…” or “i’m awake i’m awake *zzzzzz*”


Unfortunately SOMEBODY *ahem hamtaroo ahem* forgot to wake me up earlier this morning but thank goodness i managed to get up.

I got up, ate a few mouthfuls of choc cake, drank coke and i’m SO HYPER now.

I’m high. :X

But i finished my essay!!

Seriously, i’m so hyper i don’t know where i’m going with this entry.

I was so high that I was cuckoo when chatting.

My sis and i were deciding over who gets McDreamy or McSteamy. Doctor S and S for Sister S and S.



2 thoughts on “Sugar Plus Caffeine = Work Done

  1. wow, I think I left behind a lot of the last minute thing eh… I get most of my work done at least 3 days before its due, well at least when I last had college… heh.

    I find that having very little sleep during the week is mostly bad for cramming assignments and essays under stress, particularly with repeated 4-6 hour sleep patterns. hehe, I’m just an insomniac now.

    good job on finishing your essay by the way =)

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