Tiger Tiger’s Breakky

Nothing beats a good cup of coffee…anytime of the day. And when you pair that up with fresh eggs…yummo.

Word has it that Tiger Tiger Coffee Bar has one of the best coffees and breakfast in Perth. Claire makes her coffees with love, and it gets better each day.

Hidden Tiger

Tucked away in the city, it’s in a little archway off Murray Street. It’s not too hard to find if you keep a lookout for it…it’s opposite Hotel Ibis.

Jay and I hunted the place down one morning after a blood test. It was one good find ๐Ÿ˜€

They make use of the alley…its a really comfy place. You get a sense of privacy yet people flock in and out every second.

My Cap

Between the both of us, we had 4 cups of coffee. 2 flat whites, a cappuccino and a short black (espresso). Tiger Tiger uses Fiori coffee beans…and they sure do know how to pull a good cuppa. The coffee was fragrant – you only get that with fresh beans, and the sweetness of the milk wasn’t too overpowering. They’ve got lumps of coarse sugar on every table as well so that makes a difference too.

Tiger Tiger also has an All Day Breakfast thing, and they do have excellent breakfasts!

I had this:-

Tiger’s Baked Egg with toast (AUD 8.50)

An egg sitting on top off a rich and vibrant piquant sauce with slices of chorizos. All baked to perfection. Mmm. The sourdough was toasted and slabbed with butter. Chewy and delicious. Jay ordered another serve of toast to mop up my sauce. Hehe.

Jay had the poached, free range eggs with smoked salmon, also with toast (AUD10). But he digged in before i could snap a picture. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I’ll be there tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜‰ Might try the hot cakes with apple and rhubarb compote or maybe stick to eggs.



p/s Robin, coffee here?


7 thoughts on “Tiger Tiger’s Breakky

  1. you might make me boycott the next few posts from you =P

    I don’t need more temptation from you too!

    I’m doing summer school!!! Well, and I’ve got a buddy to do it with, so it’ll be fun =D

  2. and oh. your food is soooo much cheaper than ours!!! breakfast’s of that sort at cafe’s I go to cost like NZ $14…

    and you better not ignore any of my two comments here =P


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