I reckon New Years Eve this year would be quieter than usual. It started with a bang, and its ending with a tiny pop.

I’m sure many would agree that this year has passed alarmingly fast. 2007 has brought me adventures, experiences and more ups than downs. For that, i’m thankful.

It was my first time having to live by myself away from any family members. Last year didn’t count because i stayed with my sister. Staying alone means total freedom, but many fail to see beyond that. It also means doing your own budget, laundry, meals…deciding many things on your own. But i have my housemates to thank for this because as harsh as living with 4 guys may seem, life here has been quite a blast.

2007 brought me experiences…it took me to a whole new level on the growing up scale. Work, work and more work. Having worked Marketing, Communications, Media, F&B, Hospitality…at least I know now what i’d really want to do and be stuck with for the rest of my life.

And of course, the beautiful people i’ve met here which has made my life over here a blast. Those i’ve met from uni, from work, from music and all the other random people in the city i see almost each day.

I learned the true phrase of ‘it’s the little things that matters’. Like how tipping even the smallest amount would brighten someones day up. How buying a copy of The Big Issue from the homeless vendors would make their day and how helping them helps you in return because of that warm and fuzzy feeling you get.

2007 opened my eyes to the world of the DeafBlind. Learning sign language and meeting people from all over the world. Making friendships and bonding with people i don’t think i’d even meet again in this lifetime.

Also a year of saving up for the rainy days. The feeling of buying things you know you earn from all those hours at work. The glee of looking at the amount in your bank account and knowing that you actually earned that. Also the year of my slight obsession with designer goods. My first designer splurge? A Versace sunglass… Another splurge for the year, the 8GB iPod Nano 3G. Each of them worth about the same amount. :X

My first time going through the four seasons…

Then there’s all the other happenings which made this year flew pass so quickly. The normal Sunday fruit buying session in Fremantle with John, weekend viola classes, outings, and other random stuff.

May 2008 be as brilliant and rewarding if not better than 2007.

Happy 2008 everyone!


Obsessions Of A 19 Year Old

I’ve gone through so many random obsessions this year.

There was…

  • Grilled Cheese – I’ve mastered the perfect grilled cheese after countless breakfasts, lunches and dinners of it. Jarlsberg cheese is my favorite, or when low on budget, the Tasty Slice Cheese from Coles deli. With thin slices of white bread, buttered on the outside, cheese right till the edge, and pan fried till crispy on the outside yet oozing with fatty goodness inside.

  • Designer Goods – From Gucci to Burberry to Miu Miu. But that was when i could only feast on them with my eyes. Thank goodness i don’t have this obsession anymore.
  • Sappy novels – Self explanatory. I still buy a book every week.
  • Unadon – Grilled eel (unagi) with rice!! And lots of the sweet sauce 😀 Yummo…
  • Gourmet Beef Burgers – You know those 100% thick juicy beef patties with cheese, beetroot, egg or whatever? A classic pub burger. Jay started this obsession and I was obsessed with them for a few days till i got sooooo sick of them.

  • Cameras – Self explanatory. This obsession comes back every now and then.
  • Playing the guitar – For those wondering about my adventures with the guitar…..hrm….er….hehe. Wait till the obsession kicks in again and i’ll start taking lessons again.
  • Bottles – There was a time i bought drinks just for the bottles. And then i threw them all because they were taking up so much space in my room.
  • Salad – If you remember, i once posted about making salads at home. My housemate and I went through this obsession which lasted about a week. We kept buying lettucces of all kinds and did different salads. Too bad it didn’t last longer ey?
  • Online shopping – Bad bad obsession…
  • Jamie Oliver – Jamie at Home every single day. Stawberry Jam. Grilled Chicken. Halloumi.
  • Gardening – My corn and potatoes is still alive…… :O
  • Facebook – OMG. Day and night facebooking. Now? My fluff panda is barely alive and i’ve got so many superpokes to return :X
  • Latte Art – I was contemplating on joining a course to perfect my latte art skills. But I figured it was a waste of money. I still get to practice them at work though.

  • Series – Undying obsession 😀

I’m sure theres many more of which i can’t think of now.

Do you guys get random obsessions like i do? Or am i just weird?

It’s Christmas

Merry Christmas dear readers! Hope you had a great time wherever you are 😀

I’ve had so many Christmas parties that i think i’m going to have a quiet New Year’s Eve.

The best had to be my previous work company’s dinner and since you could bring anyone you wanted Jay tagged along. Started off as a cocktail party with fresh oysters, antipasto platters, little skewers of seafood and lots lots lotssss of cocktails and champagne 😀 Cocktail parties are never complete without a glass of bubbles!

Then it proceeded to a sit down buffet which by the time we were all stuffed. My ex-boss seated Jay and I on the same table as him (:O) and a few other besties and we had a great time. It wasn’t as awkward for me cuz he isn’t my boss anymore! Haha. Then the chef came over and gave me the turkey’s wishbone….Jay and I pulled it…


It somehow slipped and flew overboard. :X

Had a great Christmas though. Come to think of it, I’ve always enjoyed Christmas…although differently each year.

Anyways, Merry Christmas again!

psss… Boxing Day Sales, here i come!

3 Sleeps Till Christmas

Oooh this is so exciting. Christmas is like the best time of the year!

Carols, Santa, food, presents, all the tinkly tinkly things everywhere.

A colleague gave me the Body Shop plum body butter and it smells so festive! I’m walking around smelling like Christmas. hehe

Company’s staff dinner tomorrow night, a rivercruise….it’ll be cool if someone falls overboard. 😀 Dress code is nautical/casual…it’ll be so cool seeing colleagues dressed up :X

So…what did you buy for yourself this Christmas? I splurged on a Versace sunnies and iPod Nano…my pocket definitely feels light. Haha…

Anyways, viola performance next week. Ladeeda…

Oh…going crabbing at Mandurah tomorrow night! Wish me luck 😀

This post is so aimless.

Random Acts Of Kindness

Instant karma has been revolving around me 😀


  1. A guy stopped me one evening while i was walking home from work at the city and asked if i could teach him how to use the payphone card to make international calls to Switzerland. I stopped and spent 10 minutes trying to call but apparently the system was down. He could barely speak English but managed to get the message across to me that he was trying to call his parents. I offered him to make the call using my handphone and he kept refusing. But he eventually did. It was a short call and later he offered to pay me AUD10 but i refused and walked away. He ran after me and gave me a wrapped lolly he had with him. So sweettt!!
  2. A bunch of tourists asked me if i could tell them where King’s hotel was…and it happened to be just opposite my work place. I walked with them and to the hotel because directions can be really confusing and they were soooo grateful. I had the warm and fuzzy feeling afterwards.
  3. A lady was shopping at Woolworth’s in the city and she was struggling with her groceries. I offered to carry them to the bus stop and she was so thankful too!


  1. I was walking home from city one evening with my heels in my bag and one side of it dropped out of the bag but i didn’t know. This guy shouted across the street “HEY CINDERELLA!! You dropped your shoes!!” It was rather embarassing but at least i didn’t end of with just one pair of a newly bought heels 😀
  2. Twice while waiting at the taxi rank the guy in front of me let me go before him.

That’s karma i tell you.

Go help someone out…that warm and fuzzy feeling is awesome 😀

By the way, i have a new toy!!!

Horrible photo

Ipod Nano 3G 8GB Product Red


Anything To Get That HD

Pouring over all those stupid books in one night.
Borrowing Brandon’s card to borrow even MORE books.

Nerds, yes?

Wouldn’t have gone through so much blood and sweat if it wasn’t this particular lecturer. He wants what he wants and only then you’ll pass. Pass, not guaranteed a D or HD.


It was worth it 😀

Yay HD!

Now we’ve got our papers back, those books are still sitting in my room. 😦