Anything To Get That HD

Pouring over all those stupid books in one night.
Borrowing Brandon’s card to borrow even MORE books.

Nerds, yes?

Wouldn’t have gone through so much blood and sweat if it wasn’t this particular lecturer. He wants what he wants and only then you’ll pass. Pass, not guaranteed a D or HD.


It was worth it 😀

Yay HD!

Now we’ve got our papers back, those books are still sitting in my room. 😦

3 thoughts on “Anything To Get That HD

  1. holy crap. thats a lot to get a HD. insane lecturer you’ve got. luckily I didn’t need to work as hard for the few A+’s I got, but I bet you did much better than I did anyway =D

    I’m back from melb, but I wanna go back again. =(

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