Random Acts Of Kindness

Instant karma has been revolving around me 😀


  1. A guy stopped me one evening while i was walking home from work at the city and asked if i could teach him how to use the payphone card to make international calls to Switzerland. I stopped and spent 10 minutes trying to call but apparently the system was down. He could barely speak English but managed to get the message across to me that he was trying to call his parents. I offered him to make the call using my handphone and he kept refusing. But he eventually did. It was a short call and later he offered to pay me AUD10 but i refused and walked away. He ran after me and gave me a wrapped lolly he had with him. So sweettt!!
  2. A bunch of tourists asked me if i could tell them where King’s hotel was…and it happened to be just opposite my work place. I walked with them and to the hotel because directions can be really confusing and they were soooo grateful. I had the warm and fuzzy feeling afterwards.
  3. A lady was shopping at Woolworth’s in the city and she was struggling with her groceries. I offered to carry them to the bus stop and she was so thankful too!


  1. I was walking home from city one evening with my heels in my bag and one side of it dropped out of the bag but i didn’t know. This guy shouted across the street “HEY CINDERELLA!! You dropped your shoes!!” It was rather embarassing but at least i didn’t end of with just one pair of a newly bought heels 😀
  2. Twice while waiting at the taxi rank the guy in front of me let me go before him.

That’s karma i tell you.

Go help someone out…that warm and fuzzy feeling is awesome 😀

By the way, i have a new toy!!!

Horrible photo

Ipod Nano 3G 8GB Product Red



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