Obsessions Of A 19 Year Old

I’ve gone through so many random obsessions this year.

There was…

  • Grilled Cheese – I’ve mastered the perfect grilled cheese after countless breakfasts, lunches and dinners of it. Jarlsberg cheese is my favorite, or when low on budget, the Tasty Slice Cheese from Coles deli. With thin slices of white bread, buttered on the outside, cheese right till the edge, and pan fried till crispy on the outside yet oozing with fatty goodness inside.

  • Designer Goods – From Gucci to Burberry to Miu Miu. But that was when i could only feast on them with my eyes. Thank goodness i don’t have this obsession anymore.
  • Sappy novels – Self explanatory. I still buy a book every week.
  • Unadon – Grilled eel (unagi) with rice!! And lots of the sweet sauce ๐Ÿ˜€ Yummo…
  • Gourmetย Beef Burgers – You know those 100% thick juicy beef patties with cheese, beetroot, egg or whatever? A classic pub burger. Jay started this obsession andย I was obsessed with them for a few days till i got sooooo sick of them.

  • Cameras – Self explanatory. This obsession comes back every now and then.
  • Playing the guitar – For those wondering about my adventures with the guitar…..hrm….er….hehe. Wait till the obsession kicks in again and i’ll start taking lessons again.
  • Bottles – There was a time i bought drinks just for the bottles. And then i threw them all because they were taking up so much space in my room.
  • Salad – If you remember, i once posted about making salads at home. My housemate and I went through this obsession which lasted about a week. We kept buying lettucces of all kinds and did different salads. Too bad it didn’t last longer ey?
  • Online shopping – Bad bad obsession…
  • Jamie Oliver – Jamie at Home every single day. Stawberry Jam. Grilled Chicken. Halloumi.
  • Gardening – My corn and potatoes is still alive…… :O
  • Facebook – OMG. Day and night facebooking. Now? My fluff panda is barely alive and i’ve got so many superpokes to return :X
  • Latte Art – I was contemplating on joining a course to perfect my latte art skills. But I figured it was a waste of money. I still get to practice them at work though.

  • Series – Undying obsession ๐Ÿ˜€

I’m sure theres many more of which i can’t think of now.

Do you guys get random obsessions like i do? Or am i just weird?


15 thoughts on “Obsessions Of A 19 Year Old

  1. lamomok: haha but theyre so uselesss lol. but yess alco bottles!! i have this urge to bring back those empty bottles from the bar after workhehe

    gabe:oooh haha okieee. lets see the obsessions of a guy ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. gabe: i did read that point over and over again anddecided that everyones weird in their own way. so i kept my mouth shut lol!

    amy: yummmmmo! haha. im over that obsession now as well. lol.

    slowcatchupkuan: heyhey!! soya balls ey? haha. sure sure. will link u in a bit ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. lolllllllllllll, fair enough sandra. its just one of the odd traits I have, perhaps because I’m fascinated by eye colours, particularly if they are the sort I can get lost in. try it sometime, its extremely unnerving for some people. =D

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