I reckon New Years Eve this year would be quieter than usual. It started with a bang, and its ending with a tiny pop.

I’m sure many would agree that this year has passed alarmingly fast. 2007 has brought me adventures, experiences and more ups than downs. For that, i’m thankful.

It was my first time having to live by myself away from any family members. Last year didn’t count because i stayed with my sister. Staying alone means total freedom, but many fail to see beyond that. It also means doing your own budget, laundry, meals…deciding many things on your own. But i have my housemates to thank for this because as harsh as living with 4 guys may seem, life here has been quite a blast.

2007 brought me experiences…it took me to a whole new level on the growing up scale. Work, work and more work. Having worked Marketing, Communications, Media, F&B, Hospitality…at least I know now what i’d really want to do and be stuck with for the rest of my life.

And of course, the beautiful people i’ve met here which has made my life over here a blast. Those i’ve met from uni, from work, from music and all the other random people in the city i see almost each day.

I learned the true phrase of ‘it’s the little things that matters’. Like how tipping even the smallest amount would brighten someones day up. How buying a copy of The Big Issue from the homeless vendors would make their day and how helping them helps you in return because of that warm and fuzzy feeling you get.

2007 opened my eyes to the world of the DeafBlind. Learning sign language and meeting people from all over the world. Making friendships and bonding with people i don’t think i’d even meet again in this lifetime.

Also a year of saving up for the rainy days. The feeling of buying things you know you earn from all those hours at work. The glee of looking at the amount in your bank account and knowing that you actually earned that. Also the year of my slight obsession with designer goods. My first designer splurge? A Versace sunglass… Another splurge for the year, the 8GB iPod Nano 3G. Each of them worth about the same amount. :X

My first time going through the four seasons…

Then there’s all the other happenings which made this year flew pass so quickly. The normal Sunday fruit buying session in Fremantle with John, weekend viola classes, outings, and other random stuff.

May 2008 be as brilliant and rewarding if not better than 2007.

Happy 2008 everyone!


One thought on “2007

  1. you know what? I can’t believe I made my 2007 retrospect post only like now… lol…

    uhm, btw, nice retrospect post, and totally in time too. haha, unlike me =)

    summer school starts next monday!!! =(

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