Light Traveller?

I’m such a dumbass. But i’ll never stop procrastinating.

Miraculously, i’ve finished packing. Don’t you hate that feeling of “i think i forgot to bring/pack something’. Argh.

I’ve glanced around and all but i think thats all i need. Hrmmm.

Spring cleaning big time. I’ve discovered many things i never knew i still have with me. Ahh…the memories.

Anyhoo, January is over. Been a great month! Year 1 of uni officially over, loadsa work, loadsa shopping, loadsa food.

I love my life.

CNY. Bring it on!

p/s Pray that i’m seated next to ordinary people on the plane. If you know what i mean….


A Taste Of Home

Fried Carrot Cake from Spencer’s Village.

Closest to the real thing you can get from Perth.


Oz Oz Oz, Oi Oi Oi!

Happy Australia Day!

Aussie Day in Perth is hell crazy man. Not so much in Brisbane i heard. Because the Aboriginals there call it “Invasion Day”. I’m sure most of you understand what i’m talking about. Mabo Case? 😀

Today was insane. Worked 11 hours straight and it was seriously busy.

Fireworks was good though. But nothing we Kuchingites never seen before (CNY ahem). But man, Aussie Day in Perth makes our Merdeka Day seem like peanuts.


Enough for a filler entry. I’m practically crawling now because my feet hurts 😦

Death Of A Great Aussie Actor

One morning when you wake up and surf the net…you see news of the death of an 28 year old Australian actor all over the net.

Someone who’s work you admired a lot. From a college guy, to a true Casanova, to a knight in shining armour, to a gay boy and his latest piece, a Joker.

Your first reaction?

Oh. My. Gawd.

My sister knew him when he was still in Perth.

Sad that he’s left behind lotsa things.

Sad that his 2 year old daughter would never grow to know her father like the rest of the world did.

Heath Ledger. Perth’s very own sweetheart. R.I.P.


“A lot has changed since highschool. But in many ways, our journey is just beginning.” – Lucas Scott

I bet we can all relate to that.


Been 5 days since my last post but it feels just like yesterday. Time flies…February is just around the corner.

Come to think of it, i graduate next year.



The fire alarm went off at work today. Nothing like a bit of excitement of a dead Sunday.

The fire truck pulled up less than a minute after the alarm went off. How efficient.

Apparently some guests burnt their socks while drying them. -_-”


I spend the past few weeks working on a self composition. We tried it out today and had great reviews. Maybe i should be a composer instead? :X


Yes, this is a filler entry.