Why We Love Perth

I must admit im quite a regular on Vogue Forums and all…and when i came across this thread, i just had to post it.

Absolutley agree!!! i went to sydney beaches (Bondi) they are nothing compared the beaches that are in WA! i spend my time between Busselton, Cowaramup and Dunsborough and i love the beaches there!!!

well i hate the sand, the sun, i can barely swim and my skin burns in 5 minutes flat, that’s how i don’t don’t go to the beach
I hate the beach too. The sand is the worst and the smell of seawater can make me nauseous. I like pools though.

mmmm and the concentration of urine is particularly appealing.

I don’t swim in pools which little children have been in.

Adults pee in pools too.

Umm the sea is litred with sewage from 3rd world countries and chemical spills…And the pool is full of pee…

Anyways i hate going to the beach because of sharks!!

The concentration would be higher in a pool

A little bit of pee won’t hurt anyone

Apparently its good for blisters…

…And the air is full of vehicle exhaust and cow farts…


Any of you got blistered feet?


8 thoughts on “Why We Love Perth

  1. lol…. you should come over to new zealand for our awesome as beaches then! =) I just came back from tauranga… omg I wish I could go for longer!!!

  2. gabe: oooo! a i can think about nz is lotr 😀 hehehe

    ben: eeeee! haha. i din but then when ifirst learn how toswim i rememberi terdrink lotsa pool water lol!

  3. haha, seriously though, the beaches over in new zealand are fantastic, and apparently (I wouldn’t actually know) the mountains are perfect for skiing in winter. everyone tells me that

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