Robin Turns A Year Older

About a week and a half ago, Robin had his birthday. Because of work i couldnt join them for their dim sum trip so we met a few days after. It was just after Boxing Day – the 40 degrees hit, so were both desperate to find somewhere cool with air-conditioning. And so we went to Arirang, Hay Street.

Note that all pictures in this post was taken by Robin 😀

A decent place. Gotta love the warm earthy red they use for the place.

Arirang is well known for its Korean BBQ but they do have quite an extensive list of non-BBQ dishes. But BBQ it is for us. We had the Banquet set which was AUD28.50 per person.

Started off with an entree of 2, Honey Chicken and Mandu(dumplings).

And then, the fun part!

Getting all ready to do some BBQing. 😀

We were served rice, miso soup, namul, kimchi, dipping sauces and lettuce leaves. We were supposed to wrap them all up in lettuce leaves but neither one of us did. Lol.

The meat combination platter had Duk Bulgogi (lean chicken fillets), Bulgogi (lean beef slices), Deaji Bulgogi (pork belly slices). As lean as it may sound, they were really tender and well marinated.

Instead of using lard or butter like in some places, Arirang uses a slice of onion to rub all over the charcoal grill before grilling. It worked well though.

Definitely a place to return someday. Food definitely tastes better when you cook it over charcoal 😛

Anyways, as if we weren’t already soooo full from the lil banquet, we then headed over to Gloria Jeans in Borders.

My true coffee buddy indeed.

What a better way to end a little food excursion on a hot hot day? Cookies and Cream Frappe. Yummo.

Happy Birthday again Robin!!


7 thoughts on “Robin Turns A Year Older

  1. oh wow, sounds like a real treat…. you guys have got sooo much better places to eat in aussie compared to us. then again, I guess we do, but they’re sorta hard to find =\

    and oh… a blog post finally! hurrah!

    and yes, shoes vs jeans. pick a side!!!

  2. hey…

    Thanks soooo much for the treat, and thanks so much for this dedication !!!

    The meal was so fun and delicious LOL…

    You know what? im craving for coffee again, ahahahah..

    And I am so gonna steal this blog entry of yours.

    Thanks again !!

  3. robin: np np!! hahaha. im gonna go have coffee before work later.mmmm… 😛

    gabe: lol! jeans look similar to everyone unless u have an eye for it. but shoes!! *drools*

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