Snacks From The U S Of A

Dear readers,

If you are able to mail me constant supplies(or when i run out) of Twinkies, Pop Tarts and/or Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, please let me know.

You will be handsomely rewarded.


And no, you can’t find them here.

edit: I found my supply of Reeses. Now for Twinkies and Pop Tarts pleaseeeee!


13 thoughts on “Snacks From The U S Of A

  1. lol..are u sure??? reeses are like one in a million chances here…but the other two definitely not. in fact its not sposed to be sold in the whole of aussie. haha. for some reason poptarts were discontinued :X

  2. reeses, man I see those at campus so much. its in both of the dairies on campus anyway! and I even see it randomly in supermarkets. seriously, its common for us. I think… hmm, you know, if you were thaaaat desperate, you could probably import it in from the states, like through or something. I’m certain australia’s customs allow imports of up to 300AU$ anyway. even if its food. =P

  3. lol. i found my supply of reeses! haha. got someone to bring over for me. anyways, they do have it on ebay and all. so its ok. but for poptarts and twinkies, they’re HELL expensive. Melbourne has an online USA food store where they carry poptarts. but not twinkies. Sad really. I could also bring some poptarts over from KL. But still not twinkies.

    I want some twinkies!!

  4. u know something i just realized that i always buy pop tarts for u.. .but i never had one before! hahahaha

    my first time seeing those stuff are in perth 10yrs back! hahaha

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