“A lot has changed since highschool. But in many ways, our journey is just beginning.” – Lucas Scott

I bet we can all relate to that.


Been 5 days since my last post but it feels just like yesterday. Time flies…February is just around the corner.

Come to think of it, i graduate next year.



The fire alarm went off at work today. Nothing like a bit of excitement of a dead Sunday.

The fire truck pulled up less than a minute after the alarm went off. How efficient.

Apparently some guests burnt their socks while drying them. -_-”


I spend the past few weeks working on a self composition. We tried it out today and had great reviews. Maybe i should be a composer instead? :X


Yes, this is a filler entry.


2 thoughts on “(=

  1. hey, nothing wrong with filler entries. mine lately seem to be all that, since I haven’t found something I consider worth writing much about. =P

    and besides, isn’t a blog anything you want it to be? including a chronicle of your thoughts?

    and yeah, I can definitely relate to that. its so strange isn’t it?

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