Death Of A Great Aussie Actor

One morning when you wake up and surf the net…you see news of the death of an 28 year old Australian actor all over the net.

Someone who’s work you admired a lot. From a college guy, to a true Casanova, to a knight in shining armour, to a gay boy and his latest piece, a Joker.

Your first reaction?

Oh. My. Gawd.

My sister knew him when he was still in Perth.

Sad that he’s left behind lotsa things.

Sad that his 2 year old daughter would never grow to know her father like the rest of the world did.

Heath Ledger. Perth’s very own sweetheart. R.I.P.


3 thoughts on “Death Of A Great Aussie Actor

  1. Oh gosh I am so heartbroken now..

    Used to be so in love with him…

    Ive even got my dota nickname and yahoo mail based on his character in A Knights Tale.

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