Light Traveller?

I’m such a dumbass. But i’ll never stop procrastinating.

Miraculously, i’ve finished packing. Don’t you hate that feeling of “i think i forgot to bring/pack something’. Argh.

I’ve glanced around and all but i think thats all i need. Hrmmm.

Spring cleaning big time. I’ve discovered many things i never knew i still have with me. Ahh…the memories.

Anyhoo, January is over. Been a great month! Year 1 of uni officially over, loadsa work, loadsa shopping, loadsa food.

I love my life.

CNY. Bring it on!

p/s Pray that i’m seated next to ordinary people on the plane. If you know what i mean….


6 thoughts on “Light Traveller?

  1. ordinary people….

    oh god. I got such weird people on most of my flights. One of them farted. I died of poisoning I think.

    I find that its a lot easier to ignore them when you:
    a) raid the alcohol bar
    b) watch movies while drunk
    c) sleep.

  2. lollllll!

    i have this severe case or air sickness…especially on MAS planes. the smell….ewwwwww. and hence i don’t drink on planes. thank goodness i don’ttake MAS haha.

  3. haha, see, I either fly Air NZ (which isn’t too great, but beats MAS), or Singapore Airlines, or Emirates (best one of the lot imo)

    Yeah, I drink on planes because I don’t get as airsick if I’m sufficiently buzzed. Odd huh…

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