David Archuleta

Okay it’s so obvious who i’m rooting for to win this season’s American Idol.

The ‘if he don’t win i’ll kill myself’ thing has already started.

But guys, this is TV. The unexpected ALWAYS happens.

Anyway, Archuleta is my absolute fav among the 3 Davids!

David singing John Lennon’s Imagine when he still had his baby fat 😛

David singing the same song for this week’s American Idol

Yay. Go David!

But if it has to be a girl, I’m rooting for Carly 🙂

So whos your American Idol?

p/s Idol is getting too emotional for me :X


Chocolatey Gifts

Gifts from people i care about! Wheee!

From my Hamtaro…


I don’t understand )=


They’re so freaking cute and yums! It’s a layer of biscuit, followed by milk chocolate then white chocolate. So both sides are different shades of colors.

And from Jonathan(the housemate)…

The famous Royce Chocolates!

Nama Chocolate -_-“

Unwrapping all the goodness

A block of happiness

It was super divine i tell you. If you’re not a fan of bitter chocolate then this might not be your cup of tea. But i bet the Royce milk chocolate would be as good as this. Super super divine :X And maybe it tastes a lot better because it came all the way from Singapore. 😛

 Thanks guys!

SwitchEasy Nano Black Biscuit

Something arrived for me today…

Btw, excuse the blur pictures….i was too excited heh.

Clothes for my red baby 🙂



Oh but wait….what happened to the screen?

The clothes covered the face as well….:X



When you turn it on the screen floats on the case. When its off its just black.


Overall im happy with it. All-over protection, looks cool and real sleek. Not very easy to install though.

Read more about it here.

Btw, i’ve got a new baby. It’s red too. Some of you may already know what it is Hehe.

That Damn Language, English

When asked what my favorite language is, i will say Manglish.

I’m so notorious for adding lahs and mahs and kahs to my sentences. So much so that i’ll be a billionaire if i get a cent for every lahs i add to my sentences.

Ironically, when i have to speak formally, i always have this accent and people always ask me if i’m Irish or Canadian or British or alien wtf. It’s like all the Manglish disappears and i can actually speak proper English.

But sigh!

I’ve been here in Australia for a year and i still havent gotten rid of my Manglish! Actually…i think its gotten worse :X

My housemates are all Asian. Malaysian and Singaporean to be specific.

Oh by the way, i now have 6 housemates…7 of us under 1 roof. Oh. Erm. 6 guys. At least if got robber or some boogeyman i can just yell and hopefully those guys can kill the momok hiding under my bed. But 2 of them take so much protein powder and shit i wonder if they can put it to good use….ie killing momoks. Hm… 😀

Ok ok back to the point.

At least in Kuching my dad kinda points out if im using too many lahs. Although i’m sure all Malaysian does that. And theres the occasional Hokkien or Hakka. But here…hrmmm…Manglish FTW!

And last year, about 98% of my classmates are Asian.

This year, its vice versa. Infact, i am the ONLY Asian in my creative arts class.

So traumatising okay? But its all good i suppose. I just have to becareful not to use those lah leh loh lohs in uni.

Only when i come back home i can start speaking freely again.

And also use sentences like…

See! Mine the most huggest!

Oh i think this is my most free-est uni semester loh!

You eat what?

You go where?

I believe that is why we Asians tend to feel very awkward with the Caucasians. Its because we literally think twice before we speak. And we have to change the way we act and speak so that they don’t think we’re weird. But boy do i hate people with broken English and fake accents!!!!

What to do lah hor. We are Malaysians mah!

Change, Again.

Change of units again.

I now have lectures on Monday, Tuesday AND Friday. But for 3-4 hours only each day.

I’ve had people ask me what units i’m doing. Here it is…

Intro to Creative Arts

Media Audiences and the Public

Professional Communication


Back To Uni

First day.

Went mad trying to get everything sorted. Of the 7 people in my house, 5 of us attend Murdoch. And of the 5, 4 of us had more enrolments to do as well as change of degrees.

Boy am i glad its over!

Within a matter of seconds today, i changed my degrees. I think i finally know what i really wanna do…and i think its more me than what i previously intended to do.

So if you’re wondering…i’m now doing a double degree of Public Relations(PR) and English & the Creative Arts.

No more graduating in 2009…it’ll be mid of 2010. Yay for me.

Attended my very first lecture today…we only realised that there was gonna be a lecture at say 10.26am…and the lecture itself starts at 10.30am.

Boring, yet entertaining. Media audience and the public. :X

Anyhoo!! I managed to fit all my lectures and tutorials to Monday and Tuesday only!

Monday 8.30am – 1.30pm, Tuesday 10.30am – 4pm.

Yay for me again!

It all seemed very daunting at first..but i think i’ll survive 🙂

Mylo, Not Milo

I want some Begging Strips…bacon…mmmm….

Whats that red thing pointing at me? I’d love to taste it!

My star shaped ass!

A wet big kiss from me to you!

Heh! 😛

I’m bored. Play with me.

I can stand on two too! Ngaum!

I am THE dawg.