Flying SQ224

After tossing and turning for an hour last night i decided to forgo sleep. Afterall, i needed to be at the airport by 7am.

When i did the final weigh at home, the scales showed me my luggages was a total of 27.9kg. That’s 7.9 kg exceeding the limit. I went nuts and within 3 minutes, managed to divide one of them into 2 boxes so i could hand carry one. Yeah, call me Asian/Cina, but i’m not willing to fork out the extra just for overweight items :X

Reached the airport, beat the queue and went straight for the internet check in counter. Fingers crossed, the lady didn’t even say a thing and checked in everything. Woot!

Flight was uneventful…the flight attendant came over and asked me if i wanted to move to an empty row of seats. I gladly did. Slept the whole 4.5 hours but i must have woke up a million times.

Anyways, let me share with you a classic Sandra’s Oh-Shit incident.

On the Sunday before the Aussie Day public holiday, i called up the Singapore Airlines Reservation hotline and requested for an aisle seat. The guy tells my that there is NO such bookings under my name. As in…i don’t have a ticket.

But i had the tickets in my hands…right in front of me. And the idiot didn’t believe me. He said that i booked a flight but because i did not confirm it, they cancelled bookings after a certain time. @#$%^

I was mad. Frustrated. Angry. Panicking.

And worse of all, all flights were fully booked.

And the next day was a public holiday which means the SIA office would be closed.

Thank God my superman dad managed to work something out over at his side and got them to block seats for me.

But that Tuesday, i went to the office and showed my mean side. I know i didn’t have to…but i wasn’t happy about it. They could have apologised and try to believe their customers when they say they have the confirmed status ticket. But no…

So I showed the lady the ticket and went..

“Tell me, isn’t this a valid ticket?”

She went all whimpering after that.

Man, it felt good.

But the supervisor came out after that and apologised and everything.

See? I’m easily satisfied. 😀

Always remember….shit happens.


3 thoughts on “Flying SQ224

  1. gabe: oh man…28 kgs is nth… lol!!! u’re lucky u dun hafta worry about overweight baggages… 😛

    d3vil: you already have a superman dad…we have the SAME dad -_-“

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