Explaining My Hiatus

Before its too late, Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine’s (=


9 thoughts on “Explaining My Hiatus

  1. oh looks good… haha, can you believe I didn’t celebrate it? I did go to like parties and stuff and drink though… although they weren’t CNY parties either…

  2. well, if its any consolation, I went to a mate’s house for some CNY dinner thingy…. and I think I shall be going to the lantern festival at the end of new year’s down at the city… it sounds fun, I hope.

  3. gabe: ooohh! i havent played with lanterns for ages! loved burnin them…andthrowing them to the neighbor’s …:D

    amy: hahah! i din stretch them lol. it turned cacated when it was resized lol 😀

  4. haha, wow, buttered prawns… gosh… I haven’t had any for some time…

    yeah, I’m gonna play with the lanterns. don’t think I can throw them around though, since its gonna be in a park with like hundreds of people. but you know what? they’re suprisingly easy to burn. I remember my mate burnt his last year, hehehe… and all the little food stalls… I’ll probably spend some amount of money, but hey, it’ll be fun =)

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