Chocolatey Gifts

Gifts from people i care about! Wheee!

From my Hamtaro…


I don’t understand )=


They’re so freaking cute and yums! It’s a layer of biscuit, followed by milk chocolate then white chocolate. So both sides are different shades of colors.

And from Jonathan(the housemate)…

The famous Royce Chocolates!

Nama Chocolate -_-“

Unwrapping all the goodness

A block of happiness

It was super divine i tell you. If you’re not a fan of bitter chocolate then this might not be your cup of tea. But i bet the Royce milk chocolate would be as good as this. Super super divine :X And maybe it tastes a lot better because it came all the way from Singapore. 😛

 Thanks guys!


3 thoughts on “Chocolatey Gifts

  1. omg omg are u serious? so u cant like erm buy food over the internet?

    sigh i want some more too! hahaha. i dont think i can get these royce here though. never seen them around. )=

  2. well, we can… but its harder to get it in because new zealand has really really strict customs. (you know, because all our native animals are weaklings and would die from any introduction of foreign species. it’s that bad, seriously it is)

    and, uhm. I replied to your comment on my blog, but I have no clue if you check back… so….

    yeah, crushed ice? thats sorta new… maybe I’ll try it someday.

    uhm, forgot what else you said, and what I said in the comment. lol

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