So, What’s Your Bucket List?

John and I caught The Bucket List at Carousel earlier today. Put Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson together, throw in a well written script and a good plot, you get 2 people walking out of the movies emoing.

The Bucket List is about how two terminally ill guys spend whatever time they have left before they “kick the bucket” doing things they have always desired to do. I guess you can put it as the ‘things do do before i die list’.

Watching the movie might change the way you live your life, or how you perceive all the little things around you. Its redefining ‘living life to the fullest’.

So if you know what little time you have left in this world, what would your bucket list look like?

I’ve done a list a bit similar to this before, but under different circumstances (heck, i’m gonna die) i think it’ll be slightly different. At the top of my head, mine would look like this.

  1. Name a star.
  2. Wish upon a shooting star.
  3. Write a letter to everyone i love and cared for.
  4. Scuba dive.
  5. Travel the world, if not just Europe – with the family.
  6. To get the opportunity to play on one of Stradivarius’s 12 violas.
  7. Relive Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat with the exact same cast.
  8. Complete my book and publish it.
  9. To perform in Boston Symphony Hall.
  10. Go up to a random someone and give them a hug.
  11. Get married and settle down. With a family of my own.
  12. Try truffles. Not canned truffles. Not truffle oil. Not truffle butter. Real shaved truffles.

Like i said, this is what comes to mind now. I’d probably add more or maybe strike off some when i realise they’re impossible to accomplish. Like say number 6 for example.

But unlike Freeman and Nicholson in the movie, i’m not planning to go hike across the universe just yet. No mountains, no pyramids. Rarely do we get to accomplish our dreams or goals because the right time, right place and the right company just never seem to cross each other. But i suppose with a little bit of planning and heaps of money it is possible.

And right now, i’m off to find the joy of my life – sleep. 😀

So, whats your bucket list?


3 thoughts on “So, What’s Your Bucket List?

  1. Nice bucket list huh…mine is..

    1. Married to a man I love under the sea…
    2. Give all the people I love a chocolate which symbolized my love…
    3. Travel around the world with the person I love…
    4. Eat all foods that i haven’t tasted before…
    5. Watched and have an autograph with the band I like…
    6. Sing along with them…
    7. Perform amazing sports like sky diving…
    8. Wrote my amazing experience and published it…
    9. Have a toys like mini me and give it to each member of my family…
    10. Be beautiful…

  2. “Put Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson together, throw in a well written script and a good plot, you get 2 people walking out of the movies emoing.”

    actually, john’s so emo, u dont even need a movie to get him emo. LOL~

  3. TV shows: marry your significant other under the sea has got to be the most unigque ive heard so far. oddly romantic 😛

    amy: hahaha. thanks so right. lol!!

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