Another Graduation

2007 was a hell of a year. Adapting to the whole uni life, being in a foreign country and all.

But no matter how hellish it was, i knew it would be over in 3 years or so.

Obstacles after obstacles, it was always one step at a time. Baby steps, Sandra. Baby steps.

Learn to crawl before you walk and eventually run or jump.

But 2007 is over and i’m graduating the very next Thursday with a Diploma in Mass Communications. If all goes well, by 2010 i’ll be graduating with a double degree.

I’m thankful for everything thats gone right so far. Thankful because i don’t have to repeat the whole year like some of my peers had to. Thankful because i’ve had great friends by my side here in Perth supporting me, motivating me and keeping me sane.

Thankful because my housemates keep me from being homesick and losing motivation to study. Thankful because God made it all coincidental that one of my housemate also happens to be my classmate in every single unit last year. To urge each other and ending up with top grades in most units.

Most of all, i’m thankful because i have beautiful friends to share my graduation day with me. A special day with special people. Thanks for offering guys, but i can only bring 3 people in. Thank you for being like family here. (=


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