Sculpture By The Sea

When you have an art exhibition by the sea to cover for an assignment, you know its gonna be nothing but fun.

Awesome crowd, beautiful breeze with crashing waves…

The sun was glaring though. Even sunnies didn’t help much. It’s a classic point and shoot situation because i couldnt even see what i was shooting -_-”

The 4th Annual Sculpture by the Sea Exhibition at Cottesloe. Its an international event and this is my very first time there. Missed the one last year.

Flight of Ideas ($35,000)
Statement: Not an easy place to inhabit but maybe it will take your thoughts elsewhere.

Curb Appeal ($250 per group of 5)
Statement: Sometimes it’s better just to stay at home. You know what i mean?

Tangle ($12,000)
Statement: Some scissors are their own worst enemy.

There’s 50 art pieces altogether. Some pretty awesome but the others, because they’re art, i just don’t get.  

Not surprisingly, we got a bit carried away after awhile. We intended to just ‘walk on the water’ and not get wet. But…


And we were all wet and sandy. Not funny at all.

So besides the lack of change of clothes and the very glaring sun, i believe we did have a good afternoon out.

We did eventually wear our clothes dry and the sand did fall off so all was good.

A very Aussie day indeed. What’s missing is the booze 😀

Oh by the way, someone (whos name starts with J) is embarassed to go play in the waters (of a beach!!) but not embarassed to dig in a whole uncut loaf of carrot cake with bare hands in public. -_-“”””


2 thoughts on “Sculpture By The Sea

  1. hi sandra, don’t know if you know me but i’m in your EGL114 unit? Great blog by the way, and looking forward to seeing you in tutorials!

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