Good Friday Good Fun

Its been a while since i had an absolutely free Friday. No uni, no work, nadda.

To top it all off, it was my colleagues birthday today. Plan was to catch a movie, have dinner then have drinks at home. The whole plan got messed up and we skipped the movie and went straight for dinner at Fremantle. Madmonk was our first choice but the queue was sooooo long and we were starving so we ended up at Outback Jacks Bar & Grill instead. Both fairly new establishments in Freo.

As the name suggests, it was a whole steak shebang thing. Their concept is a little different. You place orders from your waitress, but this limits to only starters and drinks. As for the mains, you go up to the counter, where they display different cuts of meat and you choose from there. You can add sides like bacon, avocado, caramelised onion, etc as well as choose your sauces.

Wagyu rump steak

I had the Wagyu rump steak(AUD28.95) with creamy garlic sauce(AUD2.95). Yes, you pay additional for the sauces. But imho it was worth the 2.95 extra.

The steak came medium rare, just as i requested. I’m actually kinda anal about my steaks. I hate it when it comes well done when you order it medium or whatever. This was perfect. But what ticked me a little was that my steak came with a huge slit in it. The chef obviously sliced the middle to see if it was medium rare or not. This was so wrong!! Rule of thumb: let the steak rest for a few minutes otherwise the juice will all flow out. Left with a slightly dry steak, i was quite disappointed. You should be able to tell if its degree of ‘doneness’ by the feel of it when you press the meat. Like doh.

Also, the wagyu rump didn’t taste wagyu at all. A proper piece of wagyu steak should be really marbled to give it that rich caramel taste which absolutely melts in your mouth. 😦

Medium rare!

It also came with a bowl of salad and fries. I thought the saving grace of the dish was the creamy garlic sauce. It really hits the spot. It was garlicky in the right way and really creamy. But otherwise i thought the whole dining experience was just alright.

After dinner i decided to skip drinks with them and caught a movie with John instead. With time to kill, and that Juon wanted to drink, we went to Madmonk…this time with a little luck and got seats in no time at all. Since it was Good Friday, it was compulsory to order a meal if you wanted alcoholic drinks.

It was retarded, but both of us coaxed the waiter and asked if we could order tapas instead. The lightest thing on the menu! Apparently we had to order a few tapas to be considered as a proper meal. So we decided on a pizza instead. All this because he wanted a beer. Lol!

Epic beer, large (AUD8.50)

It tasted pretty good. I suppose its because its really fresh. Madmonk is a microbrewery itself, very similar to Little Creatures. Thus they don’t really carry other brands of beer and that could be an disadvantage for those who prefer something lighter.

Epic beer, described as: indulge the wanderlust list, the voyeuristic and creative loving side of your human nature. Cosmopolitan, the lilting threads of my character inspire beauty in the heart freedom in the soul… ‘Monkism’.

And because John met a friend whos working there, we got a free cocktail.

Cant-remember-the-name cocktail

If memory serves me correctly, it had Jose Cuervo, Midori, Absinthe, ginger ale, mint, lime and sugar. It was alright except for the fact it had Absinthe in it. Yuck. :X The mint could have been muddled more and i thought it would have been better with a half salted rim.

Say cheeseeeeeeeeee

We couldnt get more adventurous than trying the crocodile pizza. All pizzas comes oven fired with housemade brewers yeast base, promodoro sauce and Rose Valley bocconcini cheese. Ours had crocodile fillet, bush tomato kasundi, straw mushroom and native spinach (AUD22). Unique combination aye. 😀 Lack of toppings aside, it was pretty tasty.

We had a slice and doggy bagged the rest for the movie. Yup, we brought hot food to the movies. 😀 Caught The Eye starring Jessica Alba. There were some pretty shocking moments throughout the film and if you deem is as a thriller instead of a horror i think it would be pretty alright. Pretty similar to the Cantonese version, apparently.

Well, that concludes my Good Friday. Good fun, good food, good day.

How was yours?


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