Bling Back To Intoxication

So this years Mambo night is themed ‘bling back to retro’.  

I woke up at 5am to find so many intoxicated people in the house. In the living room, in the kitchen….walking as straight as a crab, face as red as a tomato.

And now at 7am when everyone else is asleep i’m up by myself making frequent rounds on the 3 wasted people making sure they dont get alcohol poisoning or die from asphyxiation from their vomit :X

Whoever says that you should make wasted people drink water and swallow an aspirin before they knock out should try it themselves.

Whoever invented alcohol should go die.

p/s Lotsa silly pictures of those passed out people! Tsk tsk tsk


11 thoughts on “Bling Back To Intoxication

  1. heyyyyyy I resent the thing about killing the people inventing alcohol… I love it still!!! lol, wasted people tend to be alright once they get past a certain stage of sleep… I think 2 hours after that?

    haha, making them drink water is tough though… perhaps you should tell them to space their alcohol consumption with water in between, it lessens the hangover in the morning… if they can take your advice. you know, hydrating so you’re less dehydrated. apparently thats the best method, drinking method while drinking alcohol. I haven’t really tried it too hard, but what I tried of it seemed to work =)

  2. kim: ahahaha! wish u were here too! lol

    robin: nooooooooooooooo. where is my share!! now i missing one kopi kaki. so sad la!

    gabe: hahaha. no laa dont wanna be so mean. lol. their first time somemore. hahaha!

    yeah drinking in between shots helps a lot. but not when they’re drinking by themselves. also most people, when at the drunk stage, when given soft drinks but told that its spirits, tend to believe you and cant tell the difference. lol.

    lamomok: hahaha mambo jumbo allien health. same la just go drink and shake booty.

    john: -_- is right. when will be ur second time aye.

  3. awww, but its called fun!!! despite it being their first time =P
    hehe, I haven’t tried the soft drink thingy before… but I know I stop tasting alcohol after about….. uhhh….. I think… 10 standard drinks? lol.

    oh well, at least you’re a good friend to take care of them, yeah? I don’t think I’d stay awake just to check on them as often… I’ll probably wait till they crash

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