A Roaring Breakky

It’s been a while since i actually loaded my blog. WordPress has changed so much. I feel very alienated…:X

A lot has happened since i last posted an entry here…feels like a long time but i can’t seem to place things chronogically.

Since Jay said he missed the foody entries, i’m gonna do one now. More like a filler for me too 😀

Tiger Tiger Coffee Bar

Last breakfast with Kylan before he flew off to Melbourne. Where else but Tiger Tiger with possibly one of the best coffees in Perth?

 Flat White
Flat white

Pot of chai latte
Chai latte

Antidote for amnesia

When i had my first cup of chai latte i absolutely hated it. Little did i know that it was because the one i had was the instant fake version. But anyway, i figured it was an aquired taste and slowly grew to love it. Tiger Tiger makes a wicked pot of chai latte. Spiced with the perfect hint of cinnamon, cardomom and the soft foamy texture of the steamed milk.

We both had the same breakfast…

Two poached, free range eggs on sourdough toast (AUD7.50) with smoked salmon (extra AUD2.50)

Orangy bursty eggs

Thought it was just alright though. We both agreed that the toast wasn’t properly buttered at all and hence the crusts were tough to the max! The parts which were buttered were absolutely yum. Chewy and buttery…absolutely divine with the runny yolk and smoked salmon.

Paying an extra AUD2.50 for the 2 slices of salmon was extremely worthit. It brought breakfast to a whole level. 😀 But won’t be in a hurry to order the same thing on my next visit back. Very much preferred what i had the last time.


Sometimes the best things in life are found in the most unexpected places… and that goes to say for a lot of things.


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