Really Random

Emo song of the week for me, Shayne Ward – Stand By Me.

Mid semester assignments, assessments and tutorial presentations are OVER. But its time again for final assignments, assessments and essays – all due in a few weeks time.

The weeks passes so fast. If only i can stop it to get that gasp of fresh air. No time for Freo, no time for coffee meets, no time for jamming sessions or orchestra practices.

Despite the lack of time, i’ve been Smallville marathoning. 😛 Dawson’s Creek next!

Momok hunting in UWA and Murdoch with Tiff, Jason, John and Chang Mei was fruitless. :X Not that i wished it wasn’t…

MSU Rivercruise this Saturday night…hopefully it’ll be better than last year’s.

And yes, i think this blog suffers from a slight malnutrition of posts..


4 thoughts on “Really Random

  1. haha I heard that song randomly because it featured on the billboard 100’s once… lucky you, I still haven’t finished my mid-sem assignments… my program is screwing up on me and I can’t figure out why =(

    and if you think your blog suffers from a malnutrition of posts, look at mine… I’ve been too busy to update mine lately. I know what you mean with the weeks passing quickly though…

  2. i loveee the songgggg. hahaha. yeaaa lol. been seeing the lack of updates in majority of the blogs. sadnesssssss :X

    goodluck with ur midsem! 😀

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