Dumb But Adventurous

Last year John and I hopped onto the Circle Route for one full round. Thats 3 hours down the drain.

This year, i intend to take all 5 train lines from Perth City.

Perth – Clarkson – Perth – Armadale – Perth – Fremantle – Perth – Midland – Perth – Mandurah – Perth.

That’ll take approximately 10 hours maybe?

Anybody up for that?

A fully charged ipod and lotsa snacks on me.



4 thoughts on “Dumb But Adventurous

  1. gabe: i feel like ive got so much to do so little time. yet i owes have lotsa time to do this kind of senseless stuff

    robin: nvm, when you come back, we shall go on like a coffee marathon or something. hehe

    john: trust u to do something stupid like this with me lol

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