Emergency Hiatus

I’m on the next flight out from Perth to KL.

While i will still have internet connections there, i’ll be letting my blog die off for a while because something has happened to someone a thousand times more important than this blog. Or anything else for that matter.

Pop me an e-mail, or sms my Malaysian number, or my older Australian number if you need to. My newer Australian number will be inactive.

Don’t know when i’ll be back.

Till then,

Take care my readers.


So AI7 Comes To An End…

Battle of the Davids.

Lil David vs Big David…Short David vs Tall David…Archuleta vs Cook…Archie vs Cookie


I’m like so so so so sad okay!

No doubt Cook will sell more albums and all, but Archuleta!! *swoons*

And Archuleta was soo much better than Cook in the finale. Knockout, like Cowell put it.

I’m so frustrated and sad!

But somebody next to me is giving me that *wtf* look. So i better stop being so kiddish. Haih.

I shall mourn for his loss deep in my heart.

I don’t care lah.

David James Archuleta. MY idol.

Oh, if you still don’t get it, David Cook is the new ’08 idol. Sorry if i spoilt it for you. But thank god for the internet, i followed the thing live. As in really really live. Lol.

Saved By The Fire

I’m so exhausted now but i had to post something hehe. Will reply all comments and emails when i wake up hours from now.

So today i had my MCC236 finals.

ALL the questions Raymond and I studied last night came out.

Like OMG right? EXACT questions somemore -_-

I only started studying at like 2.30am this morning.

From 2.30am till time of exam (10.30am) I had a coke, 2 jolt(twice the caffeine of Red Bull) and 3 cups of coffee.

I swear i thought i was gonna die this morning. My heart was racing, my face was flushed and i had a headache.

No more caffeine for now. Till Friday morning, my next and last exam paper!


Half hour or so into the exams, the fire alarm went off. And it wasn’t a freaking fire drill.

We all had to go out. So retarded i tell you. Luckily i finished, but the others had to sit on the grass at the freaking Bush Court under the hot hot sun.


But so unfair la, because everyone discussed the answers.


Ok ok, time to sleep.


Language Of Flowers

Aiya, tulanness!

I ordered a bunch of roses from an online website in UK which delivers to Kuching via international florists ties and it was supposed to be like damn good lah.

A dozen of red and white roses in a vase.

They guaranteed delivery date to be Saturday May 10th 8am-6pm.

Then wait wait wait wait.

Wait till grow mushrooms and hair drop but they never turn up.

What’s more tulan is that because its a UK site, they’re 9 hours behind and i can only call them at like…in the wee hours of the morning. Then they say they can’t check cause of time difference and all and they don’t have the number of their international florists.

Fine la. I went to sleep and the next morning on mother’s day itself those Kuching people called and say will deliver at 12.30pm.

Wait till grow mushrooms and hair drop but they never turn up also.

Till 3pm.


And right!!! It was all red roses with no vase.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! As if i’m giving valentine’s roses to my mum la like that! Because 12 red roses means….be mine.


Such a rip off right. Sigh. So tulan.

But happy belated mother’s day, mummy. First time i wish you at 4am in the morning that Sunday.


I know you don’t read but daddy reads this so he can tell you lah.

Just A Lil More!


That felt good.

It’s been weeks days of hard work which involves lots of brain juices.

Sleeping at odd hours(which admittedly, is nothing new), and lots of panicking and last minute stress.

Just completed my MCC236 essay earlier this morning and i must say, i’ve learned so much about Malaysian politics! Oooh! Felt so patriotic although my essay was so focused on dissing the lousy systems and such.

Tonight, my creative juices goes to completing 2 tutorial presentations for tomorrow. One which im not so worried about because i think i can do it spontaneously.

But the other, i’m like quite doomed. Please, what on earth is culture jamming?!

But that’ll be all over by 5.30pm today.

You think i can rejoice after that because a huge burden is lifted off my goddamn shoulders? Think again.

I have like 5 weeks worth of comments to hand up this Friday.

Then on Monday another major research essay PLUS a final exam.

Then the following Friday another final exam.



Ooh la la. Can you imagine that?

Ten weeks of not having to touch a single book, attend lectures or see any tutor’s face.

That’s bliss. Even more so when a lot of people i know still have uni and exams when i’m holidaying. BAHAHA.

Anyhoo, i’m aiming to do something productive in that 10 weeks.

Probably work full time (38 hours a week) and juggling social life in between all that.

That means movies, trip to Swan Valley, Margaret River, and lots of catching up to do! I’m all gigglish excited right now. Jay and I plan to go down south where its not as cold and just take some time off.

But as usual, before you know it, it’ll be the start of Semester 2 again and it all starts again.


Oh and also, i just found out that i wont be able to claim back all my taxes because its exceeded the 6k by a hell lot. WTF WTF WTF.


Laksa For 9, Please!

I have a question for all you readers.

How much laksa gravy do you need to feed 9 souls?

Considering that its Sarawak laksa we’re talking about, and that 8 out of 9 of these souls are from Kuching. And that they’ve not had Sarawak laksa in say…possibly 3-4 months.

The answer is 6 liters…possibly a little more than that after having added coconut milk and all.

Thats one freaking HUGE pot of gravy okay.

Preparation time: 20 mins
Cooking time: 1.5 hours
Eating time: 10 mins

My best attempt so far. It’s gotten reviews that it tastes just like the one from home. Jon even said that its the first time hes lapped up a laksa bowl clean so i should be flattered.

But i wonder if they said that so i’ll cook again. Ahems!!! 😛

The Diving Bell & The Butterfly

Or Le scaphandre et le papilon.

This post is somewhat related to my previous one.

If you haven’t heard of this film, its a French film, a true story about Jean Dominique Bauby, once the author and editor of Elle who suffered from a massive stroke (locked in syndrome). He woke up one day and realised that he was completely paralysed and all he could do was blink his eye (left eye only).

He could only communicate words by blinking at every letter when another person recites the whole alphabet.

Its a one of a kind film. It really makes you feel as if you’re Jean Do, and its intriguing yet somewhat eerie.

But yeah, its made me realised that much more that this is what i’ve always wanted to do.


Music therapy.

Recent studies have shown that music therapy = stroke therapy.


What if… IF.

What if..you know, things had been a little different. I know i definitely won’t be here right now studying what im currently studying. This isn’t the first time i’ve ranted about this here. But a part of me will always wonder how different my life would be if i had the opportunity to take that path instead.

I’m not saying that i’m regretting what i’ve chosen. Afterall, we are the one who lay down the path ahead of us. But sometimes its not by choice you know? Sometimes in that dark and creepy place theres only one way towards the light at the end of the tunnel. And its only after you reach that light that you turn back and find an alternative back to the starting point.

Not many knew that i sent in audition tapes to a few music programmes and actually got in. I surprise myself sometimes. If only being a qualified music therapist doesnt require so much time and money.

I promised myself that this is one dream which i’m gonna be chasing till the end of time. Im determined to do this on my own without any help. I just don’t know how far i can push myself and how long i’ll be able to go on.

I just need to figure out how to complete a BMusic now because a course like that rarely has an external program or even part time. Then when i finish my current degree in Murdoch i can continue with my masters in music therapy.

So those of you always asking me how i spend my wages?

Now you know.

Life kinda sucks doesnt it? One way or another. It always does.