Sigh Sigh Double Sigh

Been so so busy.

I recently brought my viola and saxophone to the shop to give it a head to toe makeover, servicing and what not.

Changed the strings to Thomastik Infield Dominant this time and its sounding pretty okay. Very full and bold sound but not as warm as the Pirastro Obligato. Readjusted the bridge and gave it a full polish as well. I think they changed the pegs too because they look really new.

The sax had a full polish as well and a new mouthpiece. Bought a set of reeds with that. Now I have reeds of half sizes…a full set. Yay.

And the total damage…was…

AUD450. Whoop. AUD200 for the repair/servicing costs and AUD250 for all the brand new shit i got with that.



I was hoping to bring them in a bit later but i guess it was about time they deserved such good care from me. Hmm.

Thats like RM1300 or something. Omg la.

But digressing a little…

I might be heading off to Sydney on an all expense paid trip to perform with the youth orchestra. End September i think. BUT i think its near my mid sem.



Double sigh.

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